About Me

my name is lisa.
i am from chicago and enjoy quiet movies and wild places.

i met my dear love ben in college. 
together, we travelled to moscow, russia and lived there for two years.

ben is from new hampshire
and likes learning languages, playing poker, and reading.

together we enjoy food, long books, big travels, deep talks, great films, road trips, the east coast, the midwest, sweet muffins, and collecting street art.

i started this blog after moving to new hampshire for the summer to keep in touch with my family and have a place to journal my times.

we got engaged on a chilly september night in 2014. you can read about that here.

and on a less chilly night in 2014, we decided that because of the political situation, we could no longer stay in russia. so we left. 

we moved to a swedish neighborhood in chicago and adopted the tiniest, sweetest little kittens.

on march 26th, ben and I got married in lincoln park zoo in my hometown of chicago.

les jours contents (leh-jou-con-ton) means happy days in french.

i'm glad you came :)

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