16 January 2017

Cream Stuffed Donuts on a Sunday

Vanilla, chocolate and blueberry cream. Also a sassy, emotionally witholding kitten

Our breakfast nook featuring art by my brother Bob

Penny is a talented chef and always eager to help in the kitchen.

mask by glossier

endless coffee and watering my air plant

while we worked on our donuts I had a real breakfast: cooked eggs, toast with strawberry jam and a fish oil vitamin

ben's breakfast had a little bit more oomf

we followed this donut recipe. We've never made donuts before and minus the smoky apartment, they turned out pretty well!

we used this recipe to make the cream. We didn't realize we needed to refrigerate so long so we made some whipped cream (literally whipped cream in our mixer) and folded it into the cream to make it a little fluffier. 

Overall, I'd give this Sunday an 8.5. We tried to watch The Killing, but after seven episodes gave up. The story went on for eternity and we didn't realize there were so many episodes. 

I've been dipping my toes into A Series of Unfortunate Events (one of my favorite book series from childhood), but will probably try and savor it for as long as possible. 

So far though the show reminds me one of my all-time favorites Pushing Daisies. If you've never seen it, it is gentle and sweet and whimsical. It's one of those shows that make large problems seem small and easy to solve and you lose yourself in the cheeriness of it all. It only last two season and I don't know where you can find it, but it's worth the $30 to just buy on iTunes I PROMISE. 

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