13 April 2016

Our Wedding pt.1: Pre-Ceremony

Intense, magic, anxiety. 

We were married on a crisp, blue Chicago spring day. I wore a lacy Truvelle dress and Ben wore a sharp, black tux from TopMan. Our best friend from college boarded a plane from Myanmar the week before and travelled more than half way across the world to stand between us and deliver a sermon about our love and the nature of relationships. Our friends, an eclectic group of artists and dreamers and travelers and researchers, came from all over America to join us. It was the most incredible feeling to walk down an aisle and every face smiling at you is one that you genuinely love.

Our wedding was a true labor of love. I poured my heart and soul and brain into the thing. Everything was planned by me. My wonderful mother and Ben contributed and my best friend and bridesmaid Cori assisted with the arts and crafts, but the vision was mine and it was an incredible thing to see it take flight and become it's own living, breathing event. People came. The cupcakes were set up. The DJ played all the right songs. Things that Ben and I had discussed for years actually happened.

And we actually got married. We are legally one another's. Ever mine. Ever thine. I want to burst into tears just writing that. Even after all these years...after all our adventures, our fights, our failures and our accomplishments. Even after we know all each other's stories, all each other's jokes. Even after all our friends have become mutual. After our lives are no longer two roads but actually just one. We still love each other. I still want to cry thinking about how much I love Ben Coonan.

There are a lot of pictures and I'll have to post them over a few days, but here they are. They were taken by Christian Gideon who I have nothing but amazing things to say about. He was able to capture all the special, quiet, moody moments of the day and that is not something most wedding photographers are able to do. Check out his site, he's a special guy.

And now I present you with our wedding!

My best friend for twenty years

Part two to come...


  1. This is lovely. I really am so happy for you. You're so lucky to have found one another! <3

  2. oh man oh man , i cant believe your wedding already came and went!? everyone looks absolutely gorgeous, especially you. what venue is that? i love the brick!

  3. This place is a very nice place for a wedding and worth looking into. While I didn't have my own wedding here, I've seen the San Francisco wedding venues in all their decked out glory. On a smaller scale, we had our prom there. This truly is a beautiful building with fabulous views.

  4. Congratulations on your wedding. Marriage is a wonderful thing. I got married in '92 and it was the best thing I ever did.

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