06 December 2015

Penelope Pumpkin

Ben and I have had so many exciting changes in our lives lately that it feels overwhelming to try and sit and write it all. Ben got a great new job and we moved into our favorite neighborhood in the city. I have a really exciting and potentially life changing creative endeavor that I have undertaken and I can't wait to share it all over the internet.

But the absolute most important and biggest change to our lives is that we got a tiny kitten named Penelope (but we call her Penny)! She is a white-gray Persian and she has just brought so much joy to our lives.

We've been talking about getting a pet for years, but since we were in Moscow, it felt near impossible. Though the urge was there, dealing with pet passports and quarantines and foreign medical bills was just too overwhelming. When we came home we started the conversation again, but it was usually centered around dogs because
1. I grew up with dogs and always assumed I would get one
2. I've never really been fond of any cat I've met (they hide under the bed all day/they don't reaaaally love you, etc.)
3. I'm kind of allergic to cats

However, it's really hard to get a dog if you live in an apartment or work all day, both being true in our lives. Neither of us could give a dog the kind of attention we would like to, so everything seemed off the table until I started warming up to the idea of a cat.

I began to do some research about cat allergies, different breeds and their attributing personality traits and really like what I had to read about Persians in particular. They are very social cats who crave being around their owners and aren't as... potentially destructive as other cats (i.e. climbing on counters, knocking stuff over). So I started looking on craigslist for people with Persian litters and we found one out in the country of Illinois! So on Halloween we drove a couple of hours to a Culvers on the side of a highway and picked up our sweet baby Penny.

I don't even know what to say about this cat- she is just the joy of our lives. She has completely renewed our energy. She is playful and loving and curious and as sweet as can be. She loves being around us and is always curled up near. We tried to encourage her to sleep outside of our room, but she would cry (and really, it was CRYING... for like, hours) so now she sleeps in between us like the princess that she is.

It's been a wonderful thing having her in our home. I'm so grateful for her and all the lessons of love and patience she's helped me learn.

Cat overload pictures ahead (what?? How am I a person who even types stuff like that?)

When we attempted to train her to sleep in the other room. How adorable is she, seriously?

And now that we've had her for a little bit more than a month, we're ready to try and start curbing some of her bad kitty behaviors (scratching, lightly biting when she's excited). Tell me all of your cat tips and tricks!

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