17 September 2015

Our Dreamy Camping Engagement Shoot Pt. 2

After bouncing around the beach of Devil's Lake State Park, we decided to hike a trail and take some more scenic pictures. We had some dinky map we were referencing and we found one on the other side of the lake that was something like 0.7 of a mile. Sounded easy enough, so we filled our backpacks with New Glarus beers and headed out to the trail. 

What the hike ended up being was about 0.7 of a mile uphill. Up a rocky, jagged mountain. Which is fine if that is what I knew we were doing. We ended up just sort of running up the thing thinking we were just a turn away from a scenic shot. It was a funny rush and when we were nearly at the top we all collapsed on some rocks and whipped out our beers for some awesome conversation and what ended up being my favorite shots. 

One thing I really appreciated about Christian was his shooting style-it was quick and painless. Ben and I were hardly asked to pose and most of our shots are us talking and smiling together in the real way that we were actually talking and smiling. Christian had a pretty unobtrusive camera and only shot about five pictures when he did decide to shoot and it was over before you even realized it was happening.

So that's our little engagement shoot. For as sleep deprived and anxious and sweaty and frizzy as we were, Christian was able to capture some really authentic moments between us and I'm so grateful to have these photos. It's a really special thing to be able to look back on great pictures and see just how happy and in love you really are.

Thank you for all your kind words about the photos, I'm so happy to have shared them with you. And check out Christian's blog! All his work is stunning, I cannot recommend him more highly for any and all of your photographing needs.

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  1. Camping Engagement! That sounds fun and very unique. Your engagement photographs are also great. I am also planning to have such interesting engagement shoot at some local LA venues. Thanks for the inspiration my friend!


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