10 December 2014

Buy Yourself Sh*t for Christmas x Warby Parker's New Collection

I'm a big fan of the treat yo' self camp.
It's your birthday? Treat yo' self to a Big Mac and a cashmere scarf.
It's your Christmas? Treat yourself to satin sleep mask and a box of those Whole Food sea salt dark chocolates with salt on top.
It's Valentine's Day? Eat a steak and buy yourself a bunch of jewelry from etsy.
St. patrick's Day and you're kiiiinda Irish? Well, you deserve a new OPI polish and some fancy wine (and by fancy I of course mean anything more than $10).

So Christmas is approaching and I have been finished shopping for everyone since before Thanksgiving. But. Seeing as I have been living in the cold, dark, post-office-less Russia, I haven't been internet shopping in ages. I can splurge a little, can't I? Do you guys buy yourself gifts? If so, what do you usually go for (food or things? Is it terrible that I usually do a bit of both?)

The folks at Warby Parker recently got in touch with me and asked if I would help share the news of their new Concentric Collection. On top of the collection being filled with light and delicate glasses, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that is purchased (and Christmas is about a time of doing good deeds too!).

They sent me some pictures to take a look at and I thought I would share them and encourage you to splurge on yourself a bit.

I knew a girl in college who wore clear glasses. She had a really cool name and a punch of stick and poke tattoos that had no meaning behind them. She smoked hand rolled cigarettes (because chemicals) and worked at a farm-to-table restaurant. We went to a small school so I couldn't totally copy her style, but I really wanted to bum her glasses and read comic books in the quad.

When I first saw these I wanted to roll my eyes and give it a 'whatever' because sunglasses are kind of overdone to begin with it, am I right (and I say this with love because I literally always wear sunglasses)? But I like how these are kind of sci-fi and I feel like you could definitely convince a drunk baseball bro in his college frat shirt that you were from the future if you were just wearing these babies. 

Like Seth Cohen would know who you are in these.

These glasses are so Hollywood. You can roll out of bed with a white wine hangover, throw these on, grab your Balenciaga and buy a bagel, or slide them on when you're cruising down the highway in your vintage convertible on your way to go surfing. You'll look cool and chic either way.
*I want these babies*

So there you have it. 
What are your trademark 4-eyes? What'd you buy yourself for Christmas?

Are you freaking that the new Serial comes out tomorrow and we'll finally know if Adnan is a psychopath or not?!


  1. Lol I began reading this post via Bloglovin before remembering to look at who wrote it. I started reading and I was like, " who is this person? She's funny!" And then I read the part where you mentioned Russia and scrolled up and "I was like, oh...okay makes sense."

    I'm totes in the treat yo'self camp. When I have the money, I like to get little things from etsy (my most recent thing is my Patti Smith shirt), a book or movie from Amazon, or sometimes sean and I will go shopping together and get a few new items for the season. :)

    1. Thanks for laughing at my jokes <3


  2. ohh i follow the treat yo self regimen nearly year round but i explode during christmas. when christmas shopping for others, i always want everything and think "I am so easy to shop for how are people not giving these things to me?!"

    as for specs, i'm a sucker for tortoiseshell so the 3rd pair are really lovely to me!

    1. Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about themselves during the holidays. I think there should be an additional holiday where you just buy yourself a bunch of shit.

  3. Pretty much spoil myself every Friday when I get paid, but OOOOH those Warby picks are cuuuute. Also, your descriptions...ha. Sean got me a pair of WP's for Christmas last year, they're my fave ever.

    I'm with you on constantly wearing sunglasses. Although I lost THREE pairs within 2 months this year, so I've cut myself off from buying a new pair until I'm responsible enough to keep track of them.

  4. I work night shift so I've been wanting a sleep mask and that cat one is so cheeky, I need it. Tax returns is our huge time to treat ourselves. We call it 2nd Christmas. I need to be better about treating myself. I feel like any time I get extra money I'm spending it at the gap for my kids and never for me. Resolutions baby.

  5. Also.... Serial. None of my friends listen so I'm relying on you. Thoughts? The end of Adnan's letter/ end of the episode both made sense and settled uneasy...

  6. This is one of the best tumblr pages i have found. Heaps of cool stuff and so many amazingly cheap prices. I bought a few items for Christmas gifts. Gotta get in early so all the items arrive in the post in time hehe >>>>>> I Need This Now in my Life

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