01 November 2014

Wedding Inspo//Place Setting

Another installment of my wedding inspiration series.

So as I was going through my pinterest boards and looking at different place settings and I realized that everything I was attracted to all fit a similar aesthetic: minimal, nature-themed, quiet, elegant. Like I mentioned before with my flowers post, it's not about over powering the table with the most decadent flowers I can find--I think you can make a really lovely place setting with a simple feather or flower. 

I love the simplicity. The spices, the leaves, the duality of the feather, and the name tag holding it all together.
Found here

I love the elegance in this setting as well as the casual comfort. The silverware and the plate perfectly off-balance the simple leaves and name setting. Deeply romantic and the leaves seem to make it honest.
Found here.

This setting is sweet. I like that the typeface looks handwritten and quirky. 
It's so simple and politely quirky at the same time.
Found here.

Every cool-girl wedding blog I've read says the same thing: do the family dinner. Put food on the table and have people pass it around. It promotes conversation, brings people together, looks good in kinfolk photos, etc. I just like the authenticity of this table. It's so put together and understated all at the same time.
Found found on kinfolk, somehere.

As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts and links down below. I've been loving reading all your thoughts!

Also, I think I may have found a venue! Which is very exciting because that has actually been the most difficult part of all this thus far. I don't know if I'll jinx it by doing a post on it and talking about why I'm liking it... we'll see...


  1. Are you guys getting married in New Hampshire or Chicago? I feel like both places would have some amazing venue choices.

    The only advice I have for you is: If you're going to DIY your wedding, then don't sweat the small stuff. A lot of the details and things I planned and put work into didn't get to be part of the wedding and looking back now, I am totally okay with it. If I would have known that people weren't going to give a flying hoot that we used plastic table cloths and plates and all that, I would have relaxed more. I think Pinterest is so incredibly helpful when it comes to planning a wedding. But be warned...I think it gives people (and by 'gives people' I mean 'gave me') an unrealistic expectation about what qualifies as a beautiful wedding. (Like porn! Isn't that what Pinterest really is anyway?? lol) I realize they say this a lot but do what is best for you and Ben and everything will be perfect.

    1. We're not sure yet... the place I'm looking at is outside of Chicago. We'll see.

      And you're totally right about pinterest setting unrealistic expectations. I do like adding lots of little details in general and I hope that maybe if I keep everything minimal it will turn out the way I want :) But who knows. It's just fun to plan all this, ya know?

  2. I let the staff at this place know that I am always happy to speak to anyone that is thinking about holding their wedding reception there.

  3. Love all those. Sorry to just blatantly agree with everything you post, but somehow we're long lost style sisters.

    I'm loving the use of 'what's around you' in weddings right now. Like if it's fall outside, go grab some gorgeous leaves off the ground and incorporate them into your decorations. It's free, meaningful and it could add some spontaneity since you never know what you're going to find. Also love, love, love the herbs with the table cards.

    And you're right, you don't have to break the bank on TONS of decadent flowers. Just one special one on a place card could be really sweet and have the same effect. Especially if that flower has a special meaning for you and Ben.

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