25 November 2014


1. Get togethers with friends. Appreciating the time we all have left together. 
2. My friend Nick and I finished one of those impossible puzzles... with the help of YouTube (but in our defense, we have been working on that puzzle for months).
3. Ben and Sergey. Sergey was my first friend here. He's promised he's going to come to our wedding and I can't wait to show him America like he showed me Moscow. 
4. iPad-in
5. Bathroom selfie
6. Good-looking breakfast. 

Not Pictured
1. We've been going through our closets and drawers, deciding what should stay and what should go. I am in contact with a Filipino women's group and we're going to be donating a good chunk of our clothing, children's books (which we used for teaching), and odds and ends. I'm glad I'll be able to help out other expats who come to Russia looking for work.
2. L-O-T-S of excitement. Lots of nerves. I feel like we are constantly flipping between "yes, we're doing it! We're going home!" to "Oh my god, we have nothing prepared, what's going to happen?!" But it's good. A lot of good energy flowing through our house. 
3. Christmas! It's been a lot of fun to sit together on the couch, seeing what the other picked out for each other's family. I'm also super grateful that we are going to spend Christmas morning with my family and Ben is going to be able to meet some more of my relatives. I'm also looking forward to then jumping on a plane and heading out to New Hampshire. 
4. Planning a Thanksgiving dinner! We collected money from our friends and assigned duties to everyone--Ben and I are taking on the bulk of it because we love to cook, but I can't wait to see it all come together. 


5. And SERIAL. I loved reading all your comments. I knew you were my people!

Okay, but my theory has changed a lot with the latest episode. I'd say when I posted I was pretty much thinking that Adnan was a total psychopath and that SK was just being charmed by someone who couldn't admit what he had done. 
But here's my new theory: I think Jay did it and I think he did it with Jen, or maybe Jen knows, but definitely something is going on with Jen. I think he was cheating on Stephanie. I think Hae knew about it and was going to tell Stephanie (this was briefly mentioned when Adnan's lawyer was questioning Jay, but I think SK is going to delve into it a bit more later on). I think that gives Jay way more of a motive to kill Hae then Adnan being upset over a break-up weeks after they were finished. 

We know this was a two-person crime because of the car details and what not, but I think it was Jen who helped Jay and that's what she's refusing to talk about it, why her story changed in the beginning, why she came to the police station with a lawyer. She had something to hide from the beginning. He either told her, or she was there... I'm not sure about all that. 

So anyway, that's my current theory. What did you think about the latest episode? You flip-floppin too? Let me know. 

Also... I've been listening to Slate's podcast about Serial which I highly recommend. The AV Club has one too, but I don't like it as much and disagree with a lot of their theories. But here are the links if you're interested. 


  1. Ok so - last night around 6 PM I was baking a pie and decided it was time to listen to Serial. I've been listening to it ever since, basically (it's 2PM thanksgiving day). I am OBSESSED.

    I've gotta say, I suspected Jay from the get go and I still firmly believe he killed her (or killed her with someone who was not Adnan. Maybe Jen? I could see that. She's off.) And I almost feel like he did it with the specific intention of framing Adnan. I have no idea what it was - but I think there was something seriously wrong with their friend dynamic and that Jay wanted to ruin Adnan's life. (or I still have residue from reading Gone Girl)

    And am I the only one that still feels like that streaker guy Mr. S knows something? I think his role is small but I seriously think he went into the woods looking for her (based on how hidden they said she really was - I doubt he would just stumble upon her hair on the other side of the log). So that whole thing is weird too.

    I'm really just hoping that something insane happens. I feel it in my gut that Jay is mostly to blame, but I also feel like there's a twist coming (like maybe the Jen involvement, etc.) Or I just really want there to be. AHHHH

    1. Savannah, I'm so glad you listened!!! Okay, I agree about the Mr. S thing and I would totally believe that he had more involvement than he originally let on IF Jay hadn't known where the car was... and what would then be the link between Mr. S and Jay? I don't know.

      But I agree, I think Jay is mostly to blame. I just think that if Adnan knew anything or was apart of this, he would have defended himself, or stuck up for himself or ANYTHING.

      Literally, cannot keep my shit together until next Thursday.

  2. I second you both! I really think Jay and Jen were in it together somehow. Though, I'm sure next week I'll think it's Adnan again!

    1. I'm glad you agree. I've heard SK saying there might be only 12 episodes in the series, which means we might be getting close... ugh. I really want some closure on this!!!

  3. i love friendsgiving, i hope you had a wonderful time! nothing beats good food, friends, and great drinks for me.

    also - serial. i did not pay much attention to jen and her story when she was first introduced bc i didn't think she mattered. but now that you say that, i can totally see something fishy. i definitely want to hear jay's story unfold bc i feel like there's something there too.

    also, i'm catching up on your posts and i'm very excited for you to return home! it sounds like it is so right for you to move back here, and it sounds like you're already happier even though you are not yet here. i hope you have a successful packing and moving journey!


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