04 November 2014


Hello everyone, 

Today we have a guest post from the beautiful and delicious, Savannah from Growing from Roots. Savannah's blog is filled with simple tips on minimalism, snippets from her life at college in the beautiful Ithaca, New York, advice, and thoughts about her relationship with her high school sweetheart. 

Here's here what's in my bag post and be sure to check out her blog when you're done (links below!).

hello all! so I’ve never done a guest post before and I wasn’t exactly sure what to talk about, so I decided letting you all peek in my bag would be as good a place to start as any. I’m a big believer in the idea that you can tell a decent amount about a person based on their stuff - so here’s a bit of mine.

the bag - my madewell transport tote. I worship this thing. (also how awful is it that they released a bagillion more colors right after I bought this one? I would have bought the black. but oh well, I still love it and it’s serving me well so far).

nook hd+ - currently reading “unhooked generation” by jillian straus. wanting to read “not that kind of girl” by lena dunham, and many other things.

zumbo kiss peppermint lip balm - I switch back and forth between this and burt’s bees. this one is a bit glossier, which is sometimes nice.

clary sage essential oil - for anxiety and emotional imbalance

glasses, case & lens cloth

leather coin purse - my mom has had this thing for probably as long as I’ve been alive. I’ve inherited it and it now holds extra ponytail holders. and it perfectly matches my bag, so that was a pleasant surprise.

the wallet - black leather by calvin klein. its menswear because for some reason they tend to have more card slots. also, how obnoxious is it that we gender wallets?

keys - two for getting into my parents house, two for getting into our apartment, one for our mailbox, and my tag for the gym in our building

iphone charging cord

portable usb charger - the brand is snow lizard. this thing is a lifesaver on roadtrips and long hikes.

iphone 5 - in the ever glamorous otter box because Im a serial phone-dropper

deodorant spray - the brand is eo organic and the scent is lavender. they carry it at whole foods & similar stores. I recommend it!

tattoo sunscreen - by kiss my face. which also happens to be excellent on the face/other sensitive areas.


ticket stub - from Cams show last night, intimate apparel

mini bag - I found this at forever 21 during my weekend in the city (blog post here). I just loved the print. it now holds tampons and the like.

scarf - from world market

mini tissues

Savannah's blog is amazing and she is a wonderful soul. Check her out and show her some love!


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