05 November 2014

Crepe au Fondue de Volaille

Fancy shmancy food bein' made over here. 

Ben has (delightfully) become obsessed with completing Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and I have been happily reaping the benefits. 

Well, maybe not totally happily (he absolutely over-killed it on my favorite breakfast dish-- eggs benedict. Don't get me wrong, I love them and he has now discovered the most killer hollandaise sauce, but jesus, we've had it like 6 times in the past two weeks!).

But really, I love it when Ben gets into cooking sprees. He's so much more daring and creative with food than me (I found a recipe for a cream cheese, parm and pesto sandwich spread and am just going to be doing that until he makes lunch again).

Here's the recipe he used if you're interested:

ever tried your hand at french cooking?
any particular kinds of cooking you particularly enjoy?
let me know, i'm dying of boredom from food.


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