13 October 2014

Wedding Inspo//Flowers

For my second installment of my wedding inspiration series, we will be discussing flowers.

I feel like flowers play a big part in setting the tone for the wedding.

You pick sunflowers, you have a big-yellow-sunshine-slapstick wedding. You listen to Woody Nelson and eat vegan cupcakes and everyone takes whiskey shots.
You pick red roses, you have a serious, Valentine's Day wedding. You eat steak tips and your first dance is to Moonlight by Glenn Miller. Maybe an old lover comes and sulks in the corner in a dark raincoat, but leaves as soon as you spot him.
You grab some dandelions and take them to the courthouse with you, because you're too cool to care or you're so cool that you've made up some weed-to-love metaphor. You ask the bartender to play "Have Love, Will Travel" by the Sonics and a flash mob comes in and dances the polka.

I spend a lot of time on pinterest looking for floral designs that are both muted and elegant at the same time. I don't want a color scheme, per say, but I have "off-limits" colors I guess. I want everything to blend into each other and be simple and sophisticated in the same sentence. Ya know? And by the way, I totally recognize that every bride has their own taste, this is just mine. 

While I like and appreciate the arrangement, the fern-ish leaves are just a bit too "Big Sur" for me. You could only pull this off in-between Redwoods. 
But I love the gray-pinks and those little white ball flowers (anyone know what they are?).
Found here.

How insane is that baby's breath bouquet? 
Aren't they just the sweetest flowers of them all? Couldn't you just fall asleep in a field of them?
They also just have such a versatility about them; you can dress them up and have a completely romantic, woodsy wedding, where you walk down the aisle to an Explosions in the Sky song or you can throw them in mason jars and set them around an all-white banquet hall up in New England and dance to Marvin Gaye all night long.
Found here.

Ah, the peonies. I actually don't know if I've come across any peony-centered weddings (I think they might be a pricey flower), but they're so perfect and elegant and feminine. 
I love how they look like they could bloom on and on forever. Just endless openings.
I think having a small bouquet of them and then some on each table (maybe in paper-thin-necked blue anthropologie glass vase I'm going to make my mom buy me) 
would look so chic and nice.
Found here.

So what do you guys think? Know of any good flower weddings? I really loved reading your comments about my dresses post, so feel free to throw your 60 cents in on this one too.



  1. I could stare at pretty wedding flowers all day! my wedding was centered around peonies, I'm a little obsessed with them!

  2. I actually love the second one. I love how simple it is, and I think I might have to go for something like this when my day arrives - which isn't for a very long time yet!

    1. It will come ;)
      And I'm definitely leaning towards that as well.

  3. The white flowers in the first picture are Anemones!

  4. I am impressed with this wedding flower decoration. It shows that the event planning company has done great job. I just loved these simple wedding ideas, and I think I have to go with something like this for my special day.

  5. you can dress them up and have a completely romantic, woodsy wedding, wedding flowers

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