18 September 2014

Eating, Sleeping, Reading, Fall

I don't know if I have that much to say, but here I am.

Ben bought me these roses after a little tiff the other day. They were so long and beautiful, I hated that our only vase was small so they needed to be cut down. I remember when I was younger, my friends and I sitting around a cafeteria lunch table talking with authority the kinds of girlfriends we were and the kinds of boyfriends we wanted. 
We were no drama, one-of-the-guys, unfazed by silly holidays and annual anniversaries, cool, hip chicks, certainly not "flower girls". 

I think it takes a guy actually surprising you with flowers to determine if you are in fact, not a flower girl.

Ben and I watched this really great film the other night called The One I Love. We had a stay-in date (but, like a real one because according to Ben, all our nights after work are stay-in dates). We went to the beer shop and splurged on a bunch of high-end beers and then gave ourselves a little taste test. The movie was awesome and the expensive beers were awesome.

We're going to Brussels, Belgium in less than a month. I'm really excited. We've been debating whether or not we should take a beer tour there, but I think it would be something fun to do. We're definitely going to go to a casino one night because Ben has been bit with the poker bug and there's no gambling allowed in Russia (weird though, right?).

We've been holding poker nights with our friends every weekend and a couple weekends ago I won $120!!! I literally have never been more excited. Ben was really happy too, I think he was proud to lose to me.

Last night we watched that James Franco movie, Palo Alto which was also really good. I think I was even surprised by how well done it was. I thought there were a lot of characters that I could relate to or had known and been friends with at that age. And I liked how none of the teenagers fit into movie-boxes. Like, nobody had to come out and say that they were a virgin or that they were lonely, it was just easy to see. There weren't even any dreamy boys because, really, boys aren't that dreamy in high school. Even the artsy ones never seemed to know what to say.

It was just kind of a movie about real people, like a quick snapshot. I like films like that. The ones that remind me of things I've already felt, like an affirmation that I was there.

Also, the soundtrack is dope. 


  1. I am a flower girl but that's the only thing that works on me. A boy wrote me a poem once, I never returned his calls from that day.



  2. i'm with you, although i don't request flowers, when they show up unexpectedly, they are the most wonderful surprise. enjoy brussels! you should definitely take a beer tour. i did a beer tour in new orleans and it was definitely one of the high lights of the trip!


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