09 July 2014

Moscow Nights: A UFO Russian Circus Date

Another installment in our dating series!

So on our way back from Vilnius, Ben and I saw this commercial for a UFO themed Cirque de Soliel esque circus that was happening in Moscow. The commercials looked really cool and dark and Russians love the circus (we actually live across the street from the big Moscow circus) so we thought, "Why not?" We'd had some money returned to us, so we decided to use that and treat ourselves to some tickets.

First things first: I had been under the impression that this was an adult-circus (along the lines, again, of Cirque de Soliel), but when we showed up to the arena there were like, small children everywhere. We both had a bit of panic that our cool date night was about to turn into an embarrassing joke, but we took our seats anyway and waited for the show to begin (of course while bingeing on buttered popcorn and chocolate syrup ice cream cones).

The show began with a klutzy, out-of-luck-in-love fellow who after a failed picnic with his girlfriend is abducted by aliens. The show got great fast. It was very dark and eerie (I actually wondered if it was going to scare some of the kids) and the score was along the lines of dubstep/rock and roll which was actually pretty cool to watch incredible acrobatics to. Most of the people in the circus were incredibly talented and really enjoyable to watch (however the chorus line's dance moves really tickled Ben--they reminded us of our liberal art college's dance program).

All that being said, there was of course an element of total terror because this was still Russia and the grace and fluidity that Cirque du Soliel members display was noticeably absent here. People were justing flingin' their bodies around, safety nets and wires were deemed unnecessary, none of the equipment seemed really stable and then there was... the roller skating routine.

Russians love roller skating. They freak-ing love to roller skate. If you ask a Russian what they are going to do on a summer weekend, chances are they are going to go roller skating in the park. So why not include a roller skating routine into your circus show? Makes sense.

Except it didn't!

They brought out these rickety old ramps and just kind of... put them near each other. Then the skaters came out, not in professional roller skates, not in--amateur leisure skates, but in costume designed silver space boots with wheels at the bottom!

Ben and I both turned to each other and had a "They're not..." look. But they did.

Those crazy circus folks jumped off those shaky ramps and almost broke everything 100 times. It was terrifying, but in the end, they all survived.

And overall, it was a really fun time. I can't even remember the last time Ben and I saw a show together... it's certainly been a hot minute. But it was a really great date and I highly recommend going to see something like it in your area (or if you're in Moscow, go see that!).


  1. Everything about it sounds awesome! :)

  2. how fun! i love that it was totally surprising and not too kiddish. and the rollerblading thing is hilarious! i would have never known that that's the russian past time!


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