11 May 2014

White Nights

The day after our trip to the vineyard was spent wandering the streets of Florence and allowing the city to take us in. Ben and I spent hours wandering from winding, thin street into open, lively squares, stumbling into glorious, ancient churches, all while filling our bellies with sweet, creamy gelato. 

After our day of exploring, Ben and I decided we wanted to do some of our own Italian cooking, so we worked our way through an Italian grocery store (insane) and a few out door markets and purchased aged Parmesan, tomatoes, a loaf of bread and hand made noodles to make our own spaghetti Carbonara and bruschetta. 

We then had the pleasure of experiencing White Nights (coincendetally, Ben and I have already been to a white nights festival abroad two years ago when we were exploring Montreal), which is an all night festival that turns the streets of Florence into a lovely party with different venues playing different music and shops staying open late to sell baked goods and wine, 

It was really fun to walk through, but it was also really cool to watch from our balcony. Ben and I even saw a couple get engaged! The white nights+ the canonization made our Italy trip into a really special and unique experience. 

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