11 May 2014

Rome, a night in Trastevere

After our first brilliant day in Italy- which was filled with wane rings around the Vatican, stories, food at a small off-the-beaten path restaurant, and finally a meet up with a hometown friend--we spent our second day wandering through the city, trying to see all it has to offer. 

We strolled by the colosseum (when I was younger, I was surprised by how small it was-- seeing it this time, however, I was struck by its grand size) and then Ben and I took off on our own. After several panic attacks in the crowded streets surrounding the city sites, we ran across the bridges to Trastevere, my fathers Italy recommendation. There, we found the peace to just walk hand and hand, listen to the gypsies playing their music, and enjoy bottle after bottle of crisp, white wine at our door caf├ęs. We met a man from Egypt who told us about the cool spots to visit when we go (someday...) and talked about all the countries we'd been to; what they had in common, what was different. 

Ben's parents eventually came to meet us, and the four of us had dinner at a lively Italian restaurant on Reastevere. It was our last night in Rome (a quick little trip), so the next morning we packed up and headed to Tuscany... 

1 comment:

  1. I'm jealous!

    I would love to explore the streets of Italy and try their famous pasta and pizza. Definitely a lucky girl!

    Naturally Jes


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