27 May 2014


We finished our Italy vacation with a day trip to the small city of Orvieto. After the train from Florence left us at a small fountain at the base of giant hill, we hauled our suitcases up the quiet, terrace covered streets to a family-run Italian hotel with a pale blue lobby. We were checked into our rooms, and then we traveled back down the hill for some white wine (which Orvieto is famous for) and pizza.

After lunch, we took an escalator car up the mountain so we could look out over the countryside. It was absolutely spectacular. Ben and I fell asleep in the sun and grass next to the old ruins while Ben's parents hiked up to a doma that was hosting a gelato festival.

For our final night in Italy, we gathered at the table of a local restaurant and enjoyed delicious food, many bottles of wine, and great conversation.

I feel so grateful to have been able to go on this trip and spend time with Ben's parents and explore another little part of Europe.

Ben and I are gearing up to go to Vilnius, Lithuania this Friday to get our new visas and have a weekend to ourselves. Summer has hit Moscow full force and the lack of air conditioning in this apartment has been pretty brutal. But the summer days have been good and kind to us, and even the busy days just melt into warm nights and we've been finding ourselves sitting outside of our apartment on a park bench, sharing gin and tonics and bread and cheese. Life is good. 

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