29 May 2014


1. The lilac tree beneath my window bloomed and I picked all the lilacs I could reach and filled my apartment with them. Everyone else must have had the same idea, because the week that all the trees grew flowers, I saw countless people riding the metro with armfuls of ripped up stems and bunches of purple, white, and banana colored flowers. 
2. Ben and I made cookies. 
3. I've been using the Aqua Marina face wash from Lush. I read--as I always do--a million reviews about it online before I purchased, but for some reason did not think of the smell that would be involved with a seaweed based wash. It smells awful, but my skin loves it. Recommend. 
4. Packed up beach bag. I walked my butt over to the central market in my neighborhood and bought some face sunscreen and have been wearing it religiously. I wrote to my mom about it because I feel oddly sad about it all. Like, it's the end of an era or something. No more walking with my face up towards the sun, hoping from cheekbone burns and nose bridge freckles. No more laying out. It's time to take my skin care seriously (actually, it has always been the time to take skin care seriously, but I've been ignoring warnings for years). 
5. Ben and I went to a "beach" his students told him about. It was very Russian in the fact that there was no sand, a million cigarettes, two million drunks, but there was water and a small patch of "grass" for us to lie in. So it's a win in my book, and I think we'll definitely be going back.
6. A print we got in Italy on the streets of Trastevere. It was starting to rain when I saw it, but I just knew it belonged in all of our future kitchens. We ran up to the artist, threw our Euros at her, and ran beneath the awning of a cafe right as the clouds opened up and spilled warm water all over Rome. Probably the chillest sale she's ever had.  
7. When I was at home briefly last month, I found this beginners Tarot card set in my bedroom and brought it back with me. I've been diligent about learning at least two cards a day and have actually had a lot of fun with it. My friends are also really excited about my studies and when I'm finished I think I'm going to hold a Tarot card party and give them all reading. 
8. My makeup mirror. I dropped it yesterday and it got all smashed up leaving only the smallest sliver of mirror. Sigh. 

Not Pictured
1. Ben and I have cruised through three seasons of The Walking Dead. Good lordy, that show. So good, but so tense. I'm a very nightmare-prone person and I have been battling zombie nightmares since we started, but it hasn't derailed me yet. And Daryl. Double sigh. I actually went against my better judgement and googled him only to find that he was some douchey Prada model, so I'm trying to forget that he's an actual living, breathing person and go back to believing he's some southern, zombie-slaying, baby-saving, bad boy/man of my dreams. 
2. Ben and I are going to Vilnius, Lithuania tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about. I had been thinking about it as a prolonged chore (we're getting our new visas there--did I tell you that?), but I got some pretty sweet tips about where to go and I also want to avoid some friend group drama back here. So win-win. Go to Europe, avoid picking sides. Ya know...
3. Ben and I "gave up meat" (sans drunken McDonalds runs) a few months ago, and we're getting really good at tofu. 
4. I've been listening to this Alt-J song and this Bleachers song a lot. 
5. Excited to see this movie. But I'll be honest--I'm really annoyed with Matthew McConaughey, especially since True Detective didn't turn out the way I wanted to. But I'll probably go and see this movie anyway. 

So what's up with you guys?

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  1. The lilac is so pretty! I love how you positioned it in the photo, against the white. Very pretty :)



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