11 May 2014

Lately, Rome


I'm sorry. I have a million excuses for why I have neglected this blog, this space, my computer, typing words, but they are really just excuses I tell myself and they aren't really valid. The truth is, something about the past eight months, has really drained the creativity inside me. I get home from work, I watch TV. I read. I look at stupid articles on facebook. I don't write. I don't write here, I don't write in my diary, I don't write emails. I just don't.

I remember when I was finishing up college--and I was so sure that I would always be a writer and that I would be working as a writer and nothing would ever stop me--my professor and mentor told me, warned me, that the first few years out of college would be hard.

"Nobody is going to be pushing you. Nobody is going to be asking to read your work, to give you prompts. A lot of creative writing grads feel very lost after they graduate and have to get jobs to support themselves in fields that don't necessarily foster a lot of creativity."

And I truly did ignored that. But then it happened and now I must actively fix it.

I've been talking to Ben a lot about ways I could push myself and I've set a few reasonable goals for myself.

Write in this blog.
Write on my secret tumblr (that I love and have kept forever).
Learn my tarot cards (I know...).
Write a few articles I've been meaning to write for a certain publication and actually submit them, like, this year.

But first, this blog.

So I guess first, I'll do a little update about our lives and then I'll share the first few days to our time in Italy (but there is more because it was a long trip and it was a fabulous place to photograph).

Not Pictured
1. I'm still reading 1Q84 (it's so long!), but I had to take a break and read some other books. Right now I am finishing up Sleep Donation and it's fabulous. Beautifully written, dipping poetry, and a made-up killing insomnia illness that has swept across the Americas. It's a great little novella for dark daydreaming.

2. Ben and I are considering moving to Taiwan to teach a bit over there before we move somewhere more permanently. I have this crazy idea that I want to buy a videocamera and make a documentary about it all, but maybe I should just finish learning my tarot cards first. You can check out my Pinterest Taiwan board because we all know all decisions must be throughly researched through Pinterest pictures first.

3. Ben and I are going to Lithuania in two weeks to renew our visas. At first, the trip seemed more like a huge chore, but I'm actually getting a little excited about it. We're super duper broke, but it'll be nice to explore the country a bit. Let me know in the comments/email if you've ever been there and if you recommend any restaurants/places to go, etc.

4. When we were travelling to Rome, our first flight was delayed and our connection in Brussels was about to take off. So the flight attendant told us to run. And run we freaking did.
Do you have any idea how giant the Brussels airport is? Because I do. Because I ran for what felt like a lifetime through it. Literally jumping over babies in strollers, monkey-barring across rafters, doing crazy slides across lounge bars (okay, maybe not that, but it did feel pretty epic). Only to get to the gate. To find out that that flight had been delayed.

5. Russians celebrated Victory Day this weekend. They seeded the clouds so it wouldn't rain and Ben and I went down to the Red Square to smell the food we couldn't afford and enjoy the festivities. It was a really pretty day out, though.

6. During our trip in Italy, we stayed at Airbnb homes again. I know everyone talks about Airbnb, but I just need to say it again: it's awesome. It's so affordable, you can get such great locations, and so far the hosts and the accommodations have been so much better then hotels. If you've been daydreaming about travelling somewhere, I highly recommend checking Airbnb first, because you might be surprised by how inexpensive it might be to stay somewhere.

Alright, that's all I can think of for right now. Here are some of my pictures of our fabulous trip to Italy.

He was texting!

Aaaaand that was our first day. So check back tomorrow for some more pictures. And maybe the day after that. 



  1. It really is great to have you back.

    I'm the same. I also ignored the warnings. University is so flexible for me, that it's kind of bad for me, because I am the only one who can discipline myself rather than teacher's in high school telling me not to take days off, or to do my homework.

    But it's a lesson that needs to be learnt.

    I hope everything works out well for you and you write more for you own sake. :)


  2. Good luck on your creative endeavors! It will feel great, I think, to be writing again. This year, when I turned thirty, I made a resolution to keep at least one sketchbook. It is wonderful to be drawing again.

    I've also considered Taiwan on and off. I asked a friend in December about it when my school suddenly shut down. He said to just be aware that they like to do in-person interviews and you should go with enough money to set yourself up for a few months until you find a job. You might already know this, but just in case!

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