09 March 2014


1. My favorite kind of snack: a loaf of french bread from the bakery down the street, matured cheddar cheese, Lindt Dark Sea Salt chocolate and a glass of red wine.
2. The view from our living room. We live in (by far) the ugliest building on the block, which is actually kind of awesome because all we see are beautiful apartments all around us.
3 & 4. Apple crepes.
5. Listening to 1Q84 on my audible app. I don't even know where to begin explaining this epic of a book. My blog friend Savannah and I have been tossing around the idea of doing a book club/series/recommendations, so maybe I might just take a post to explain this book and how I feel about it. But, for now, it takes place in Tokyo in a 1984 and follows two different characters as they go about leading two totally different lives--lives that seem almost ordinary until the book begins to unfold and everything just gets whirled together in a magical pot of good writing and fiction. It's really meta, y'all.
6. Takin' bubble baths and watching Twin Peaks agaaaain.
7. White roses from Ben because Saturday was Women's Day. And Women's Day is big here. I would say besides the New Year holidays, Women's Day is preeetty, preetty the most important. Everyone, everyone had flowers yesterday and men actually--gasp--gave women their seat on the train! It was a pretty nice break from the usual bleakness of the Moscow Metro.
Do any of you remember what Ben and I did last year for Women's Day? We went "camping" with our friends outside of Moscow. I can't believe how much snow was on the ground then! This year has been one of the mildest winters of my life (but my sweet home of the Midwest has not had it as easy...oddly...). It's strange to look at pictures of us tromping through the snow because today I could probably get away with my spring jacket and a pair of tights. Oh, the weather.
Anyway, last Women's Day I had been feeling a lot of anxiety in my relationship with Ben and when we went on that camping trip it totally changed us. I felt like it gave us a second to take a step back and realize that we (I) were creating problems that weren't there and we (I) would be a lot happier if I just learned to let things go.
8. Tea light candles, every night.
9. My Popcorn lip scrub from LUSH. But isn't the cyrillic so easy to read?!
10. Spontaneously made cream cheese muffins which we ate while watching "Hall Pass" which I do not recommend for anyone older than like, twelve. I do however recommend, "Her" which we watched recently. That movie is beautiful. "Hall Pass" is not.

Not Pictured
1. Did you guys check out Sam's Valentine's Day post? We have another post coming up after next weekend, so get ready!
2. Ben and I have been talking recently about possibly moving to Seattle when our lease here is up. We've been prowling around the internet reading blogs and articles about life there, but if any of you have ever been there or lived there, let me know!
3. Been listening to this song after my friend showed it to me at a party at 5 a.m. and we listened to it talking about exes or something.
4. The finale of "True Detective" is tonight!! Have you all placed your bets on how it's going to end?!
5. In addition to 1Q84, I'm also reading The Time Traveller's Wife per Ben's suggestion. It's definitely not something I'd usually pick, but I thought I'd give it a go to break up some of the intensity that is 1Q84. So far it just seems like a love story which I'm just supposed to believe in without any sort of examples as to why they're so in love and with main characters falling over themselves to make references to Chicago at every possible chance. But I'll keep ya updated.

Anyway, happy "True Detective" finale tonight and I hope all you ladies out there had a lovely Women's Day! Cheers!


  1. hello, lisa! :) I am a blog reader of yours & I am born and raised a Seattleite. it is rainy here (especially this time of the year), but since we're always expecting rain, it's easy to be prepared. in my opinion, summers and falls leading into winter are the best times to check it out. late winter and spring are about the same to me, except spring brings the cherry blossoms to full bloom. there are lots of lovely restaurants and fun little sections of seattle that all have different personalities (capitol hill vs. ballard vs. fremont). but the most wonderful thing is that you are always surrounded by either water, mountains, or trees. if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!
    have a happy week!

    1. I have so many questions, but my main concern (obviously) is are there lots of potential jobs? Just in the restaurants, shops, etc? And do you like the night scene?

    2. in terms of potential jobs, when I moved to the university district in september, I was able to secure a retail job within a week. a lot of stores, either downtown or in the university district, tend to be hiring in the fall. for restaurant jobs, I haven't seen as many as retail jobs - but as cliche as it sounds for seattle, there are so many Starbucks opening still, and I feel like they are always hiring. for the night scene, I must answer truthfully and say that I am not a night scene person because I'm not legal to drink yet (ha-ha), but from what my friends have expressed and what I've witnessed, it really depends on where in seattle you go. in the university district, there are mostly pubs and a few bars, but capitol hill seems to have it all. capitol hill night life is upbeat and fun and has a lot of variety. it also feels safe there, because it's so popular and you can just go from bar to bar throughout the streets. I hear that the fremont area is also fun and kind of crazy. it really depends on the different areas because they all have something unique to offer (as in, there's a bar in capitol hill where if it's your birthday they give you a giant unicorn horn to wear the whole night). I hope those answers may have helped a bit? :)

    3. Hey Olivia,

      Thanks so much for getting back to me! This all just sounds so great and totally up my alley. I read your comments to Ben just now and he got even more inspired to take on this adventure. Thanks for reaching out to me girl!

    4. Oh, fantastic! I'm glad Seattle is sounding wonderful. I wish you luck on your adventure! :)

  2. I visited Seattle on a road trip over summer and it was easily my favorite stop from the trip i feel like its a very condensed Chicago you have like the small neighborhoods, the artsy and the ethnic but its all mostly walkable. I liked it better than San Francisco for this reason.
    and the entire state of Washington is the most beautiful place you have like every kind of geological beauty, forest, the coast, and mountains. I was really blown away, me and elliot are considering moving there as well!
    I know this doesn't answer the bigger questions you have but I thought I'd share!
    Well, I hope it works out for you guys

    1. Thanks so much for your input, Tianna! That's the general feel I got from Seattle as well, but since I've never lived there it's much better to hear about it from other people.

      Maybe we'll bump into each other on "the hill" or something ;) Good luck to you and Elliot!

  3. Life's looking very cozy Lisa! I hope you'll have a lovely week :)

  4. i absolutely love that you live in the ugliest building bc you are so right- you are surrounded by beauty and that's all you see! and i just started watching true detective yesterday! after all of the commotion, i decided i definitely need to watch it.

    1. Girl, don't even bother. I have never been more disappointed in a finale (but if you do watch it, email me your thoughts when you're done!).

  5. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a nice stick of French bread right now. My mouth is wateringggg. Also, bubble baths and white roses? Possibly the best things ever!

  6. Hi there, I see this is an older post but had to throw in couple of thoughts...first, 1Q84...How do you explain that book? I LOVED it as I do most by HM but I would descirbe that particular one as a place you go to instead of a book you read! It's amazing. Also, I live in the mts east of Seattle and have been out there for over 20 years now! Seattle is a fantastic place geographically, with fairly mild (rainy) winters (ya, ok it rains like, until July) and splendid summers. Everything you could ever want to do is at your fingertips, ocean, mountain, rivers, woods ...it's an outdoor enthusiasts dream and we take full advantage of that. I can't speak to rents /costs of living in the city itself. It tends to be higher than many other places but isn't any place worth living in gonna be more? One thing you sometimes hear about Seattle...the people are friendly but it's hard to make long lasting meaningful connections....I think this is somewhat true. ( I'm from the Northeast) it may or may not be a big concern to you guys but ask around and talk to folks in your age group for more on that. I love it out here! Good luck with your future plans~


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