03 January 2014

What I Got for Christmas!

Happy New Year, y'all!

So I know this post is coming so late, but after Christmas (which we had to sadly work on), Ben and I were just packing for Amsterdam and then we were in Amsterdam! Which was auhmazing. But I'm still working on those photos, so I'll put them up later in the week.

But since I got so many responses from my What I Got for My Birthday post, I thought I'd do another one, but a Christmas edition.

Like I mentioned above, our Christmas was a bit of an odd one this year. Russians don't celebrate Christmas the way Westerners do, and their version doesn't even take place on the 25th, so Ben and I were quite alone in our holiday cheer. It was fun teaching our classes about Christmas in the states and playing Christmas themed games, but the general atmosphere was a lot different than what we were used to. But we made the best of it! We watched some Christmas movies after work, decorated our apartment up with tinsel and window decals I found at the supermarket, and of course, did lots of shopping!

Ben and I ended up opening our presents on Christmas Eve because we're like, adults? And we don't have to wait until morning for our presents!

Okay, so I had gone halvsies on an iPad Air+Keyboard+Smart case with Ben's parents, and my mom was bringing it two days later to Amsterdam, I needed to wrap up fake presents to throw Ben off the scent. I painted little pictures of everything and wrapped them up in books and some of my dresses so he'd multiple things to open. 

But the first things we opened were my instillation to our first Christmas tradition together! I told Ben we should each buy each other something goofy to wear on Christmas morning. Just a holiday-themed piece of clothing. 

So I got Ben these adorable pillow slippers from IKEA...

And he got me the most hideous rasta-hair santa hat I have ever seen! We were both cracking up about it all night (I have since hid it away so he doesn't ever ask me to wear it). 

So then Ben opened up a book which held a little watercolor of his iPad Air. And he freaked out! His computer has been giving him mountains of troubles ever since we moved here and he had been trying to figure out what to replace it with. I love Apple products and just couldn't resist saving up for one. He was really blown away. 

Ben's presents to me were all really great (listed in more detail below). It was a lot of girly things that I love- perfume, makeup, LUSH bubble baths, the usual....
After everything had been opened, Ben jumped up and told me he'd forgotten one last thing. He went into a cabinet and came back with a small package. 

"Sorry, I forgot about this one," he said as he gave it to me. I put down my loot and started to open it telling him, "it better not be a Russian book."

But it was a freaking iPad Mini!!!
I couldn't believe it! I had no idea that was coming and it was just one of the best surprises ever. 

And there's just my surprise face for y'all cuz, ya know. It's just too attractive not to share. 

This cute little Chanel eyeshadow pot. Ben picked out the colors all on his own!

This may not actually count-our local beauty stores were having this insane sale (hense all the luxe makeup, but Ben forgot the name of my mascara, so we went back together and got this. He did give it to me on xmas though). 

YSL Manifesto. 
love, love, love this warm scent. So perfect for winter nights in Moscow. 

A gift card! Because I love shopping!

Yummiest LUSH bubble baths to date! Just opening this box makes my stress melt away.

And these were my little drawings for Ben that were cleverly hidden in my old dresses. He's actually lying next to me right now playing some sort of Lego Star Wars game...? Not sure, but I don't want to break his concentration and ask. 

Anyway, so that's what I got for Christmas! And I hope none of this comes off as bragging, I just though it'd be fun to share :) If any of you who keep blogs posted your Christmas goodies, post the link below in the comments and I'll check them out! I hope all of you had fun holidays and I can't wait to post my Amsterdam pictures starting tomorrow!



  1. You too are so cute! Happy to hear you had a merry Christmas and I look forward to reading about Amsterdam! :)

  2. that's so funny that you both secretly got each other ipads! and those ikea slippers are golden. so glad you both enjoyed your christmas <3

  3. Hi Lisa! I'd never heard of LUSH before reading your blog and then suddenly last week stumbled upon one of their stores while visiting Odessa, Ukraine. Went in and got some bath bars and a solid shampoo and have been really impressed : ) I think you also mentioned something about a jasmine-scented conditioner and I was looking for something like that but didn't see it. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to this company! Katherine

    1. Hi Katherine! I'm so glad you went to LUSH! It's such a great shop for buying those pampering extras. I bet you'll get just as addicted to bubble baths as I am ;)

      Also, the conditioner I believe you are referring to is their Jasmine & Henna leave-in conditioner (http://www.lushusa.com/Jasmine-Henna-Fluff-Eaze/02687,en_US,pd.html). It's pretty pricey, but my hair was badly damaged by a dofous stylist, so I went for it. It's very helpful, but like I said it has a veeerrry strong scent, so test it out first. And enjoy your baths!

  4. what a great xmas! i would love to hear about how they celebrate the holiday in russia? and more importantly - i adore your goofy accessory tradition! the laughs on xmas day with a rasta hair santa hat? makes everything worth it!


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