16 January 2014

Amsterdam pt. 3

1. Craziest New Year's Eve of my effing life. Closest thing to a war (I hope) I will ever get.
2. Drinkin' and Uno'in with Mom and Dad
3. Freaking out about the fireworks going off all around us
4. Aftermath
5. Puppets
6. Sausages
7. Walking through the streets of Amsterdam
8. Tulip Museum (we bought a Chinese Water Lilly which is growing like crazy-I'll post pictures later)
9. Dutch hot chocolate 
10. Performers
11. Last dinner 

On a side note: Ben and I put down some money on a beautiful apartment right in the center of Moscow. It's kiiiinda out of our price range, but the location was amazing, the apartment itself was amazing, it was just too hard to say no. So we decided to go for it. 

I'm really nervous and excited about this new adventure in my life. I'm terrified because it's such a gamble and Ben and I have now used up all our savings, but I know that if it all works, we'll have a pretty amazing time. Our lives have just been so stressful these last four months and I'm really excited to leave all the negativity of our jobs behind and move forward. Thanks for all your kind words on this blog and on instagram-it really means a lot. 

And speaking of instagram- follow me along this weekend for some moving play-by-plays and if you don't have an instagram or understand how to work it (Mom), I'll take some pics of my cute new pad and put them up here as soon as possible. 

Have a warm weekend, everyone!


  1. I just "Aww"d all the way through this! Your photos gave me a warm feeling in my tummy, the happiness is leaking right out of them. It looks like you had such a lovely time - and how exciting that you have a new apartment! I hope all goes well for you xx

  2. the streets/train tracks look like a mess! is that how crazy it was the night before? pretty intense! and yay on a wonderful new apartment!

  3. These might be my fave posts- your parents are the cutest, and I'm so jealous you all got to spend NYE in Amsterdam!

    Also, I love Ben's shoes! I really want to get Sean some fancy shoes and those are awesome.


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