15 January 2014

Amsterdam pt. 2

See the hooker?! I snuck a picture in for you guys ; )

1. Eggs benedict 
2. Waffles
3. Weed lollies 
4. Tulips for sale. Everywhere. 
5. Foam Gallery: William Klein exhibit
6. Red light district. The first time we went was at night and it was just wild. The girls in the windows look absolutely surreal and terribly bored. Just smoking cigarettes and texting and blowing kisses. The whole street was packed too-with guys, which was really odd. At some point I just looked up and realized I was the only female in eye-sight. It wasn't creepy, just unusual. 
7. Dutch alcohol, given to us by one of Ben's friends from Japan
8. Traditional Dutch New Years treats


  1. that picture of you and ben is adorbs!

  2. i absolutely love that you captured so many moments of your trip! that first shot of you both together, so cute! on another note, the prostitutes there hang out in shop windows, not just on the streets? that's really interesting!

    1. Yeah, I don't think they walk the streets. I know that there is more than just the Red Light District-there's services you can call, but the Red Light District is just where it's the most condensed. There's also strip clubs and live sex shows, etc. on the street too!

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