07 December 2013

My Birthday

I had such an amazing birthday. I feel so grateful and so loved--Thursday after work Ben and I came home and skyped with my mom and YiaYia (and my mom-in her usual pay-attention-to-all-adorable-details-threw a little party complete with wrapped gifts that she opened on camera and a cupcake with candle) and drank champagne. After we got off skype, we opened all the rest of my gifts (cuz' it was like, after midnight and everything...) and he was so generous. I took pictures of everything and I'll post everything he gave me tomorrow if you're interested, but my goodness. Spoiled. So spoiled. And I loved everything. Everything he got me was so thoughtful and the perfect mix of things I had said I wanted and total surprises that he picked out. 

For my actual birthday, Ben and I woke up kinda hungover from the champagne, so we went to the sushi restaurant across the street and drank milkshakes and ate "hamburgers". When I got to school, I was greeted with songs from my students and cake, which was all very sweet. After work, Ben and I headed out to some restaurant we had found online, but decided it looked creepy, so we found some tiny Italian place and had spaghetti dishes, bruschetta, and veal (oh wait-I didn't have veal-Ben scarfed it before I could even ask for a bite).

I guess all and all it was one of the more low-key birthdays, but I've never been much of a birthday person. I feel like birthdays carry a similar amount of pressure to NYE--this idea that it has to be the best night ever or you did it wrong or something. Good nights happen naturally and I like to just have a nice dinner and good conversations with close friends, which is exactly what I did. 

So thanks for all the birthday love in the previous post/email/facebook, etc. Thank you. And if you're interested to see what I got for my birthday (MOM), check back tomorrow.


  1. your mom sound so sweet! i love that she celebrated from afar with you with a cupcake and candle over skype! and i love the shot of you two at dinner and you photographing the ceiling to see you guys from above!

  2. Love that hat, happy birthday!!!

  3. happy (belated) birthday, far away friend!! hope it was splendid! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! ~ ^^

    Matrushka dolls, so pretty.

  5. you look FIERCE in that fur hat.

    I hate the pressure of birthdays too. I always have this anxiety that if the day doesn't feel super special, then it was meaningless. How dumb does that sound? I think I miss the excitement I felt as a kid.


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