04 October 2013

Watch: Sick Daze pt 3

So... I got the flu again. Really, I feel like I should make this a full time job or something. Or at least start my own television show.

I'm so bummed though, truthfully. It's only the second week of school and those tiny Russian babies have just bombarded me with their school germs. Oh well. Ben went out to Le Pain Quotidien to grab me some baked goods for lunch, so I suppose that will ease my misery. I'm also trying to be extra good this time around because our company is having their annual boat party and I do not want to miss it. The boat goes down the Moscow River and I really want one last chance to see all my summer colleagues before winter sets in (because it is. Fast).

Anyway, I put together a little playlist of films for you because sick days are for lying in bed and watching movies. So here's what's been playing in our tiny flat:

Ben and I are not even done with this film yet (it's about three hours long I believe and we sadly have not had three hours of free time in awhile), but it's great. So I'm recommending it to you! It's called Mr. Nobody and it's kind of science-fictiony, sort of whimsical, but very cool. It stars Jared Leto as a man who is recalling his past from a futuristic society and all the versions of his life he's dreamed up. There's a little bit of quantum physics at play within the script, though I'm not sure what the outcome will be. I recommend it to lovers of The Fountain or movies of that sort. It's quite mind-bending and cool. 

Okay, Ben and I watched this film a couple weeks ago and that night I had a totally weird nightmare/freak dream about it. It's not that this film is necessarily disturbing or scary, it's just chilling and the ending (as well as a few other scenes) really leave your imagination in charge... which is unnerving. It's written by this chick Brit Marling who I actually like a lot--she also wrote that movie I recommend awhile ago called Another Earth. She strikes me as a very young writer who hasn't yet hit her stride, but is getting close. If you like cult movies and twist endings, I recommend this flick.

And I know that this film, World War Z, has been out for some time (how did I miss that? Oh yeah, livin' in Russia), but if Ben and I do have to miss the boat party because my white blood cells (it's the white ones right?) are takin' their sweet time, than this is what we're going to watching. I've been listening to the audiobook that this film is based off, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and it is so good! I walk for about two hours every day and I was getting really tired of just listening to music, so I asked my friends for some book recommendations to listen to as I walked. I just wanted something entertaining, and I'm really glad I went with this book first! I've never really listened to books on tape before, but I'm definitely hooked. I heard the movie is nothing like it, which I can see from the trailer, but zombie movies are always cool. 

So there you have it. Some movies for your (hopefully) healthy weekend. It's already begun hailing pretty frequently here in Moscow and my fall jackets didn't even make it outdoors for a week before I was back in my full winter gear. Oh, Russia. You and your weather. 

If you have any movie recommendations, let me know! Cheers!


  1. lisa, your blog is so wonderful! feel better soon!

  2. Feel better soon! I hope you get to go on your boat trip. That sounds really neat. Some films I've watched recently are: What Maisie Knew, Star Trek Into Darkness, Hocus Pocus, Barfi!, and Frida.

    1. Oh! I heard What Maisie Knew is supposed to be really good... and Hocus Pocus! I plan on showing my Halloween-deprived munchkins that movie ASAP! Thanks for the recommendations!


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