30 October 2013


Hello Everyone!

I feel like a total blog loser because I have not had a "real" post in ages. I admire so many bloggers who come up with the most creative and thoughtful posts, practically every day, and I just never find the time or the energy to write anything cool.

Here's a sweet song to makeup for my lack of updates:

Anyway, so I feel like this fall has just been insane. I have felt so overwhelmed by work, but I know it will pay off. Ben and I have just been hitting the pavement like no other to save up for upcoming holidays and our summer of AMERICA! It's exhausting, but there's just too many opportunities here to not take advantage of. So, I'll sleep when I'm dead, I guess.

Hmmm... I dyed my hair the color of wine, but I'm kinda over it already. I used to really like dark, dark browns and reds, because I'm quite fair-skinned, but after my ombre-d summer, I think I prefer lighter colors. My plan is to wait a month and then go see my Armenian hair guy who gave me the best fucking hair cut of my life over the summer (really-I've never had a hair cut like this and it cost like, $15). Yup.

Oh! I do have kinda exciting news-Ben and I will be working with Smilebooth this weekend. Our friend in LA contacted us last night because he works for them and they are having a party in Moscow this weekend and need a translator. I don't know how much help I'll be, but gosh darnnit, I will tag along like my life depends on it (someone has to translate the hipster lingo for Ben, ya know). If we do actually get to go to any swanky parties, I'll try to bring my camera along and take some pics for y'all.

Also, today begins our Halloween celebrations at school that I will definitely take pictures of (I think I decorated my room very cutely with the help of my toddler babies). It makes me kind of sad that Russian children don't celebrate Halloween, which is probably a silly thing to feel sad about, but c'mon Halloween is the bomb. Ben and I made brownies for our kids and I'll be showing Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit to the little ones and Hocus Pocus to my teens. And I'll dress as a witch or something.

Aaaaand, here are some pics from my most recent Halloweens because I think old Halloween pictures are fun to look through. There's not many times I miss both of my colleges, but Halloween always makes me nostalgic for the insane parties I went to during my university years. Sigh.

There was a guy in this picture too, but I cut him out because he was a creepy jerk. Oh, 18 year-old fairy Lisa-- you have so much to learn. 
This year I was too cool to care about Halloween, but I actually really liked this costume. It was really low maintenance, but I did attempt false eyelashes but accidentally removed all my real ones at the end of the night.  
Look at Ben staring at me! We had been hanging out for a couple weeks at this point and we were still trying to be sneaky. I think I was a Freudian slip this year because I had forgotten to think of a costume. 

Ooop- alien again. How gross is it that I drank mixed drinks from water bottles like that? For like, years. 
And then last year. My BFF Shane (right) and I bought blood capsules and that was pretty much as much effort as we put into our costumes. In my lack-of-creativity-defense, all three of us had gone to EOTO's Lotus Halloween show the night before and we had seriously gone all out for that show... but I do not have any pictures from it. Whoops.

Actually, funny store about those blood capsules: so they're just corn syrup dyed red and I was at my brother's apartment getting ready and I had just bitten a few of them (to get the blood dripping out your mouth effect) when his roommate came into the bathroom and totally freaked out. He kept asking if I was okay and what was happening and I was trying to explain "No, this a thing," and he was shouting, "What's a thing?! What's happening?!" It was pretty funny. 
So yeah, there's some Halloween flashbacks for ya. I know there a couple years missing in here, but it's probably for the best. I hope all of you have a super fun Halloween and don't get too sick from eating tons of candy! xoxo


  1. I am very similar with you with what you said at the beginning of this post about lacking in 'good, cool ideas'. I'm in the same boat, don't worry. Just let the good times roll, haha.

    I actually liked this post - related to October, and fun. :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. Psh, who needs fancy blog posts!? I like this one much better.:) It's fun to go down memory lane. I think I may have to copy you and post some pictures of my past halloweens :)

  3. The Bobby's roommate story is pretty funny. "What's a thing???"

  4. how fun! i really love the alien costume too bc it looks so low maintenance and COMFORTABLE! everey year i increasingly look for comfortable costumes.


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