01 October 2013


1. Salted caramel apple hand pies with this recipe. They were auh-mazing. We added them to our list of goods that will go in our future bakery. 
2. We rearranged our apartment. Ben finally convinced me to move into the living room (I was against it because it meant sleeping on a pull out couch which just didn't appeal to me but did in fact turn out to be ridiculously comfortable). I'm so much happier in here. It really feels like our space. I'm looking forward to the next nine months in here. 
3. Huge IKEA haul. New duvet, shower curtain, cocktail glasses, dinner plates, CANDLES. Ben picked out the shower curtain: a sad buffalo in the rain. 
4. The end of Breaking Bad. Such a satisfying finale (though Ben doesn't think so which makes me think he might be a sociopath). 
5. Talking.
6. Soviet fall. 

Not Pictured
1. So Ben and I decided something: we're going back to America for the summer!!! I'm so happy. So excited to be back with our friends and family, in our country, in our childhood homes. Our rough plan right now is stay with my parents, travel down to Mexico for a summer holiday, and then spend some time on the east coast. We have quite a few people we want to see along the way, so stops will need to be made. But I'm so happy. After the summer, well... we're thinking South America. Nothing is set in stone and we'll keep the whole world open, but if we can find the right job for us in South America, we're taking it. It's good to have this much figured out. Baby steps.
2. School has started for us. My schedule is much more hectic than it was last year. My classes are also significantly larger which has been a bit challenging. But it's been great seeing my old students and I even thought to myself earlier today how much I really love being a teacher.
3. Ben and I have a date to watch this film later tonight. We're taking a bit of a break from dramatic TV shows until we recover from Breaking Bad. But when we are over the hurricane that was that show, we're back in with the pulse pumping Homeland.
4. Ben and I had another dinner party the other night with our friends who just came back from a summer in Armenia, their homeland. They're the sweetest people in the world (they took us to that castle when we first arrived in Moscow) and Ben and I had so much fun cooking for them. They were especially excited about our "American Breakfast" in the morning (pancakes and  scrambled eggs). I'm so grateful for all the people we've met here in Russia and the lifelong friendships we've made. And for an apartment with a spare bedroom.
5. And on that note, here is a song our sweet friends showed us. I hope it lifts up your day. : )


  1. Those hand pies looks awesome! I don't think the link went through though, if you were trying to share it because I tried clicking it like 20 times lol....

    1. Oh my gosh-I'm so spacey. I didn't even put a link! It's fixed now!


  2. Oooh, the apple pies are luscious! Just added the recipe to my "to bake" list : ) Also, the shower curtain was pretty epic: props to Ben!

    1. Oh my goodness, you HAVE to make them! They are just such a delicious dessert--I highly recommend. If you make them, let me know how they turn out!


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