23 October 2013

American Goodies Haul!

So, I missed Ben like crazy. I did. BUT! Him coming home also meant STUFF FROM AMERICA coming back too!!! After we had a rom-com movie hug in our doorway, Ben brought me into the kitchen to show me this:

he also proudly declared that one of my presents was the fact that he unpacked his suitcase all by himself. 

Ben flew back with AirFrance and stopped in Paris for about an hour. He brought back two chocolate croissants--our first real French pastries. Unfortunately, they tasted like airport pastries, but the gesture was so sweet. 

My administrator saw me putting on Chapstick the other day and told me that the smell reminded her of her childhood (she spent a few years in America with her family as a child) and I had Ben bring her back a pack. She walked on Cloud Nine all day. 

I like chocolate and caramel. 

Oh! And magazines! Do you have any idea how painful it is to stand in line forever at a grocery store and not be able to read the magazines on display? It's one of those secret worst-parts about living abroad (in my opinion). My mom sent Ben a few magazines for me (as well as a billion Clinique samples-score!) and Ben picked up the TIME Texas for me because I have a weird fascination with Texas. 

Ben brought back four of these. They do not sell these in Russia. I'm so excited to see what he has in store for us. 

aaaaand my Cheech and Chong shirt that I had left at Ben's parents all those months ago. It was a Christmas gift from my brother. 

Our lunch this afternoon (there were healthy grilled cheeses being made on the stove too!). 

Oh man. Have I missed salt and vinegar chips and chocolate and caramel and candy and magazines and free make-up samples. My mom sent Ben and I little Halloween goodie bags and it reminded me how many options there are in America. There were so many candy bars I had forgotten even existed because all they have here is a Russian brand called Picnic or something, Snickers, Kit Kats, M&M's, "skittles", and maybe one or two more candy brands--everything else is stuff you'd find in your grandmother's house. My teeth are just aching from the sugar. I'm sure we'll have gone through this whole stash within two weeks--if we're lucky. 

But anyway, like I said earlier, I'm so glad Ben is back. Thank you to everyone who sent your love to him in comments or emails :) it was so sweet. He's doing really well and I'm really grateful he got the chance to go home and find some peace with his family. And now we're just catching up on TV shows and getting back into our groove.

Hope all of you are having a good hump day! Ben and I are going out with friends in the center on Saturday and I am very much looking forward to it. For some reason I feel like after our insane summer, we haven't been going out as much. I want to make sure we get some good nights in before, ya know, that Russian winter really comes in. I think we got a couple more months in us ; )


  1. so many goodies from america! i love that magazines were on your list - it's something we totally take for granted! when i was in paris i grabbed a couple of french vogue's and i use them to practice my french!

  2. How exciting! Glad to hear Ben is getting better, too :)

  3. Well-done Ben,
    taste from home is always feel great, isn't it?
    and glad that he's getting better.


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