11 September 2013

Two Years

Hello all!

So this post will be about me and Ben's two year anniversary! Hooray! 

I can't even believe it's been two years! I love being able to say we've been together for two years now--it just sounds so much more legit now, yeah?

Well, we had an awesome few days (because we are children who couldn't wait to open our presents, so it lasted for a few days, haha). Ben actually woke up yesterday and told me he loved our anniversary because it was like "both our birthdays!" We might have over done it a bit with the presents, but we had the money and it's just so fun to spoil someone you love. I'm already looking forward to Christmas. 

But materialism aside, I can't believe we have another year under our belt. I love our relationship so dearly, I could never even put it into words. Ben and I have done so many crazy things together this year-from a non-stop twenty-four road trip from Chicago to New Hampshire, to holidays in Montreal, Vermont, Cape Cod, Maine, and Munich. We've lived in a tiny town in New Hampshire (down the street from Ben's parents) and in a haunted apartment in Beloit, Wisconsin (with the most dramatic neighbors one could ever imagine) and now in one of the biggest cities in the world-Moscow! We've been on dates, we've become master bagel makers, and watched a million movies. So much. Such a year.

And can you believe it? That's one year folks! We're insane! Oh my goodness. We were talking about all of our crazy adventures last night and at some point I just said, "Ben-we've been through so much stuff. If we can do all of that and just be happier and closer, I think we could get through anything."
And I do. I really think that. 

I'm so grateful for where my life has ended up. I'm so grateful Ben Coonan is my boyfriend. I'm so grateful that even on my worst days, he still thinks I'm the best. I remember hearing about him when I first transfered to Beloit (I really do). My friend Alex was telling me about his messy roommate and how he told me he was, "like a genius. Like, this kid can speak five languages and play guitar hero backwards. You'll probably like him, but he has a girlfriend or something and is going abroad forever."

And I even remember being in someones room playing beer pong and Ben was there and was showing this girl how to solve a rubik cube. And he was so cool and so intelligent--he really left an impression on me. 

And now here he is! He's literally walking into our apartment as I write this, so I'm going to sign this off for today. But there are some pictures below (and I'll put the ones up from my phone tomorrow) and I hope everyone out there has a good day.

So thanks for reading about all of our adventures. And an even bigger thank you for all the sweet well wishes on facebook, email and instagram. I felt so loved. I'm so grateful for this blog and all the sweet people it has led me to. I guess it's been a year and a half for us now, yeah? Well I'm so grateful for that as well. Here's to another great year!

I found some tea light candles in a cupboard and decorated our living room. I thought it just seemed so much more sweet with candle light about. 

I made pasta carbonara which turned out really well. Ben did get home from work about fifteen minutes later than I had anticipated, so much egg-cheese noodles weren't as gooey as I'd hoped they'd be, but I'll get it right next time. I used this recipe. 

Oh, this was one of my favorite gifts! Ben bought me a bubble bath kit from Lush, which I absolutely loved because I adore taking bubble baths. I used the Twilight Bath bomb right away and it was divine.  When I got out of the tub, my skin was so smooth and smelled delicious. And it let out a bit of glitter as well, which was fun. 

So this was one of the big gifts I got Ben. This is probably the nicest vodka (I don't think you can even get it in the United States, and if you could it would cost an arm and a leg-even here where vodka is dirt cheap, it was very expensive) you can buy in Russia and Ben has been drooling over it since we got here. 

I was actually thinking of getting him scotch (because men like scotch, yeah?), but when I was at the market, I saw the Beluga and I decided on that. He was so excited!

Eggs benedict in bed, courtesy of Ben.

New shirt and tie from Topman.

And new socks! Also from Topman.

Oh yes. And then we did a shot before we went on our date. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. 



  1. Happy 2-Year Anniversary!!! : ) What a whirlwind year you guys have had together! And who knows how many new adventures lie ahead... : )

  2. Awww you guys are so cute! G and I just got married last month and I cannot wait to celebrate all our future anniversaries together<3 I hope you both have another wonderful and loved-filled year!
    xoxo Kala

    1. Oh my goodness, congratulations to you too! Thanks so much for following along! xoxo

  3. So, so sweet. You two sound like such excellent gifters, as well.
    Happy anniversary again! <3

  4. happy two years!!! and i looove homemade pasta carbonara! and you are the absolute sweetest for splurging on some vodka your boy has been eyeing!

    1. Awe, thank you so much! It was really yummy-we did try making it again last night, however, and I couldn't get the consistency right. Oh well, third times a charm!


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