03 September 2013

12: Home

As fall settles in around us (and it is. It actually is), I've been loading up my computer with movies, ready for nights in. Our summer was fun and full of expensive drinks and dizzying rides on the Moscow Metro at 6 a.m., but as the leaves change and the sun begins to set earlier, I'm ready for the winter hibernation.

Here are some movies I'm looking forward to seeing, as well as some recommendations for your fall nights.

I remember when my parents saw this movie, they told me about it so quietly, and so shocked--almost because a story like this even existed--that I avoided even so much as watching the trailer. But a couple nights ago I was sifting through online articles and fell upon a review of Alice Munro novels and mentioned this film. The trailer made me cry and my heart aches to anyone who encounters an illness as cruel as Alzheimer's. Nevertheless, I am determined to see this film in the near future.

Oh, Spike Jonze. You and your quirky ways. This film looks both equal parts disturbing and heartbreaking-kind of like Lars and the Real Girl, yeah? I took a class my senior year of college on artificial intelligence, and this subject matter was brought up almost daily. We wondered often if Turing test-passed machines would ever be widely available to the public, and if so, what their impact on society might be. I think this film will also attempt to show the vulnerability we experience in relationships and the delicate nature of love and intimacy. I'm very much looking forward to baking some scones and sitting down to watch this one (because one of the very few perks of living in Russia is no pirating laws...actually, there might be, but nobody cares enough to enforce them).

I love Sarah Polley's work (she also directed "Away From Her" as well as "Take This Waltz" which I broken-heartedly adored). She's so honest and raw- it's like her heart is just bursting out of the screen. The first minute of the trailer makes it seem as though it's just a film about story-telling within families (of which mine should receive awards for), and this would all be well and good, but a major twist is thrown in and gives this film a spot on my "Must See ASAP" list. 

And while we're on the subject of stuff to watch, I just have to add these suggestions...

American Teen- My best friend in high school took me to see this movie, and we both left the theater kind of fucked up from it. We went to a super clique-y high school and we both rejected the majority of the nonsense, but it was still a lot to see it played out in this documentary on the big screen. Just like high school, it's mostly depressing, but there's some cute, happy moments in between. It always shocks me what people will allow others to see when a camera is around. 

Happy- I love this film. It really changed the way I thought about happiness and made me feel like I had so much more control over my emotions and my life. I think American society spends so much time trying to deal with depression and not enough time trying to increase happiness. It's so sweet and uplifting-it's definitely a message I think needs to be promoted much more frequently-highly recommend. 

The IT Crowd- I had been meaning to watch this show for  a g e s  but never really seemed to get around to it until the other night when Ben brought it up. We've only watched a handful of episodes, but I love it! If you have an Arrested Development (before this fourth season monstrosity)/Party Down/Brit-com kind of humor, sit down and watch the first few episodes (their short too). 

Do any of you have any movie recommendations? Let me know!


  1. Those look really good. I read The Lives of Girls and Women this year. I enjoyed it so much that I kept taking pictures of parts on my phone and sending them to the friend who recommended it so we could talk about it together. A few movies that I would recommend are, off the top of my head: Never Let Me Go, Another Earth, and Seraphine.

    P.S. I found your blog when I almost moved to Russia a few months ago. It's hard to find good blogs about day to day life in another country (I've wanted to move everywhere, and have tried finding good blogs for everywhere), but yours is great. I didn't end up getting the job, so here I am, still in Korea!

    1. Never Let Me Go is so sad! I really liked it though. I'll have to check out the other two as well!

      And I'm glad you're still reading, even though you're in Korea-I might be headed that way soon myself! A lot of my friends teach there and love it!


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