05 August 2013

Watch: 10 Trips to Take


Gosh, I'm so obsessed with this video. I watched it 20 times before we left for Germany, then downloaded the song and listened to it on repeat as our plane touched down and then when our train soared towards the German alps. Ever since I've moved to Russia, the world has felt so small and conquerable. I just have this new belief in myself, this newborn bravery. If I can live in Russia, I can go anywhere. And suddenly, I just want to go everywhere. I need to. The world fascinates me, all it's corners, it's shiny bright cities, it's broken castles, it's floating islands. 

And here are some sad, yet hopeful, photographs of a fight that is very much a reality in Russia. It's very difficult to live in this country sometimes and hear students you like repeat such vicious sentiments, but this is a reality of the world and one that I would not have been able to understand had I not looked it in the face. I may not like everything I find here, but I just keep hoping knowing all this will make me a better writer one day, a better person. 

Also, I think I'd like to (at my own pace) participate in this photography challenge. I think it'd be nice to put some purpose behind my photography and I sure have been missing the structure of college lately. So, I'm going to try my crookedy photography eye at that. 

Happy Monday, explorers. 


  1. I get this! My parents traveled everywhere they could with us from when I was little and I set out on my own at 18 to India, it changed me and the way I see life so completely and I could never go back to being settled in my home city.. People don't understand in the city we live in why my husband and I are trying to downsize our lives so we can travel more- the concept of having less instead of more doesn't compute, But the experiences I've had make material things seem silly.. Wow do I get how you feel!!

    1. This is so wonderful to hear. Travel is sooo important. I believe it's one of the few things you can spend money on that you'll come back richer. I hope you and your husband are able to get out there soon and go exploring!


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