04 August 2013

Munich pt. 3

And our third installment! Oh, just looking at these pictures brings back feelings of warm sun, clean air and friendly people. Really, we couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Before we got on the plane to Munich, I was literally pushing gypsies off of me, and when we got off the plane in Munich, people were pulling over their bicycles to ask us if we needed directions. Amazing. Amazing!

So on our last day we had been debating whether or not to take a train to Salzburg, Austria and do a little sightseeing over there. Ben really wanted to go because some of our colleagues had recommended it, but it didn't feel right to me. Since the day before had been spent out in the country, I really wanted to keep exploring the city and do some sight seeing before we crawled back to Moscow. After a few missed trains down in Fussen, however, I was able to convince Ben that our last day should be spent filling our bellies with beers and we decided to just rent some bikes and cruise around the city. Which we did and it was amazing! I love the bike riding in Europe and I really wish America (and Russia for that matter) would get it together and put in some bike lanes (these lanes were located on the sidewalk, but they were their own separate path. I felt very safe riding, not only from the cars, but people as well). It's such a great way to travel. 

Enjoy the pictures!

We like breakfast, in case you haven't figured that out yet.

The English Garden was really one of the highlights of the trip. With endless forests and lazy rivers and beer gardens hidden in between, we had a blast riding around in the heat, jumping into the river to cool off, and stopping at beer gardens for mozzarella and tomato sandwiches with liters of beer. 

This is the Eisbach where people come from all over the world to surf. The current is crazy fast and after the bridge it forms a sort of surfing ramp. We stood and watched people balance on the ripping waves for about half an hour.

The lazier side of the river.

We debated going to the world famous Hofbrauhaus for a bit. We had heard from friends that it was the place to go, but from our German co-workers that it was overpriced and touristy. We stumbled on it, however, right after dinner when we didn't really know where else to go. We decided to go in just to say we did. 

And oh man, did we "do" Hofbrauhaus!

So good.

Aaaaand then shit got real. We met some bros, who after a couple beers were quite entertaining, and our night ended at 3 a.m. with no trains left and a taxi ride where Ben could suddenly speak German. 

So that was our trip to Germany! I absolutely loved Munich and I recommend it to anyone, anywhere. It's a lovely, idyllic place and I can't wait to go back (which may be sooner than later because my obsession-prone boyfriend has been looking into med schools in Germany...). Thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes and recommendations! Prost! 


  1. Your trip looks and sounds so, so, so lovely!


  2. that river and those waves are gorgeous! i dreamt of gorgeous waters like that last night and could definitely use a weekend in the river.

  3. oh god! i'm dying here. seriously. i want to jump in there right away.

    p.s : i love breakfast too

  4. p.p.s : i think you would LOVE this site http://simplybreakfast.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes! I love that blog. I've been reading it for years. xo


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