29 August 2013

9: A Selfie

I'm still following this photography challenge, though slightly out of order. I've never been very good about following creative assignments. In college, I thought it was sooo cool to perform my own "interpretations" of creative writing or photography assignments and turn in whatever I had wanted to anyway. Not that much has changed. 

Anyway, "selfies" are such odd things. Even the term- selfie. Like, how old am I? What am I doing standing in front of a mirror, taking a picture of myself, and adding an -ie to the end of the finished result? And mine never turn out right: like oh, here I am on my way to my Russian lesson, never mind the gross finger prints on the glass or the hair spray bottle in the foreground. But alas, I tried. 

It kind of reminds me how when I was in college and having a good hair day, I'd stand outside my dorm, smoking cigarettes and tossing my hair around, hoping everyone I knew would just walk by and see me. I even remember one of my college girl friends Eve storming into my room on a Saturday night declaring we needed to go out to a party we had already decided wouldn't be worth the walk because she had been sitting in her room for hours eating powdered donuts and watching smoky eye makeup tutorials and had finally mastered the "sultry evening look" and wanted to show it off. 

Maybe if we'd just had instagram then, I would never have needed to end my "Gilmore Girls" marathon to drink keg beer at an oddly nicknamed house. Sigh. 


  1. haha,,
    i don't take selfie a lot. so seldom.

  2. I always forget what a universal experience college was/is. I love your throw away lines.

    1. Thank you. I hope to one day write a novel of all throw away lines. ; )

  3. Hi, I've been following your blog a while and thought I'd say a few words. Your blog is always such a good read, you've got a really nice writing style. Your entries have cheered me up, made me think and even helped discover music. Reading about your experiences in Russia has been interesting and fun; I've lived 15 years of my life in a little town next to Russia in Finland and know a lot of Russians but I've never been there. Would love to visit one day though, or maybe take the trans-Siberian express and go all the way to Asia! I just finished university and I'm planning on traveling around and working/volunteering indeterminately, maybe I'll find time for a trip to Russia at some point :)


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