26 August 2013

8: Play

As our two-year anniversary approaches, I've been buying up presents like a storm, and subsequently feeling totally tormented about waiting half a month to give them to Ben. I even locked them in my school locker, not because Ben will go looking for them, but because I will inevitably have a meltdown and try to give them to him and if they're an hour away, I'm less likely to follow through. 

But! I did find these Uno cards, and while they were intended for an anniversary extra, I cracked and broke them out during our staycation. The awesomeness of Uno just could not wait. 

OK, maybe the first time we played was after our Mexican fiesta and I wasn't in my brightest of minds, but after a couple of nights of hardcore Uno playing, I can safely safe I had no effing idea Ben was a secret Uno master. I mean seriously! This kid was ditching his deck like he was doing it his whole life. Every. Time. 

So then I started to get competitive. Thinking a few moves a head. Stra-te-gizzzzing. 
No. Out of like, 60 games, I won twice. Twice! This must be turned around. 

Would it be totally ridiculous and pathetic if I googled "strategies to winning Uno"? 
I won't. 
But I might. 

Ben drunkenly declared that he was the "green king" and I thought it was so funny and awesome, I took this picture to remind myself.


  1. yes to UNO!!!
    we play the UNO stacks like a pact of wolfs eating their preys. haha.
    this game is addictive

    1. I agree! I loved it when I was a kid, and now I love it as a poor adult hiding from Moscow's nightlife.

  2. aw so cute! i'm like you and whenever something cute or pleasing happens, i have to take a photograph. even if i never post the photo anywhere, i like to have it because some semblance of it made me happy :)

    1. Yeah! It's good to have them tucked away as physical memories- I love stumbling across old photographs I had no memory of taking. It's good to try and remember your life, even the little parts.

  3. i wanted to comment on your blog for ages now, but somehow i never did. i really like your blog and the way you share your experience in russia, the photos you take and just yes... you really seem to be a very nice and lovely person!
    when i saw your post about munich and how much you and ben liked germany i was so excited and happy! even if i don't live near Bavaria and germany is a different experience wherever you go it was nice to hear you had a good time here!
    and now this comment got longer than i actually wanted it to be because all i really wanted to say to this post was: if you like uno so much you might like ligretto as well. it's a card game as well and it can be played with 2 up to 12 people depending on how many card sets you own... it's a quick game and fun to play once or even make an hour long competition out of it. just check it out it's a lot of fun! :)

    1. Klara, I'm so happy you like my blog! It's been such an amazing experience to connect with people all over the world. And I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for ligretto! I've never heard of it before but Ben and I love playing cards, so I'll try and get my hands on it! Thanks for following along : )


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