25 August 2013

7: Red

You guys! Look! Mexican food!

Margaritas! With big-kid booze in them (have I mentioned that in Moscow, drinks are around $10 a pop, but rarely have any semblance of liquor in them? Not these babies!)!

A Cuban mariachi band! They were super friendly (and couldn't speak English, couldn't speak Russian, so we had to speak Spanish!) and sang us looove songs.

Their summer menu. The C's are pronounced like S's, and the m's are t's. Can you find the "Salad" section?

Oh, what a delicious little find. I'm not gonna lie here, eating out in Moscow is a  n i g h t m a r e. The drinks are weak. The service is so terrible, it'd make your average American midwesterner's blood boil. Literally boil. The food is mediocre at best. And it's always going to be the most expensive dinner you've ever had (for example, our little date night raked in a bill in over $100). But, I've gotten much more savvy dealing with Moscow's night life. 

I started really paying attention to the expat papers and insisting Ben and I take them up on their suggestions. I found this little gem tucked away at the bottom of the Food & Entertainment section of The Moscow Times and on Friday night, Ben and I traveled through the city and arrived at this little joint. 

It really was a pleasure. Our waiter could speak English (what???) and insisted on speaking English- it was so weird. But the drinks were nice and strong, the atmosphere was really fun (though I'll give Moscow that-usually good drinking atmospheres everywhere) and enjoyable live music. Ben and I had a good time hanging out and our friends met up with us afterwards. 

It was a very much needed date night (we hadn't been out anywhere really since Munich) and I highly recommend Navarro's to anyone living in Moscow, looking for some yummy Mexican food (they had other stuff on their menu as well, but my eyes saw fajitas and nothing else). If any of my Muscovite readers go, let me know what you think! Cheers!


  1. that's so awesome that you could find a great restaurant that was affordable and had great drinks!

  2. moscow sounds to be expensive to live in. hha.
    glad that you find this gem of a place

    1. Moscow is LITERALLY the most expensive city in the world.


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