23 August 2013

6: Diagonals on Date Night

Lounging in bed before date night. 
I found a Latin-American/Mediterranean restaurant in the expat paper a couple days ago and asked Ben out on a date. 
This summer has been an odd one; full of MCAT studies and then inconvenient work schedules. I really took last summer for granted: we spent our days floating in the river, building fires in Ben's parent's backyard with our friends, and spending our nights driving up the mountain to work together at a fancy restaurant. 
But winter is coming and in a week we will be travelling back from the city center to our small school and resume our old schedules. Though I'll miss my co-workers and being in the center so often, I feel like what I've learned the most about myself living here in Moscow is that I enjoy a slower-paced life and it will be a relief to return to such. 

Anyway, I hope you have someone to go out on a date with tonight and if you don't, just take a chance ask out someone rand-o. Ya neeever knoooowwww....

1 comment:

  1. sounds like such a pleasant summer! floating in the river and bonfires in the backyard are perfect just before fall/winter comes.


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