30 August 2013

10: Taste

Wanna know what's awesome? Bruschetta. Bruschetta is awesome. 
Bruschetta chicken is awesome, bruschetta on bread is awesome, and tonight I will be making bruschetta chicken sandwiches for dinner (and cucumber gin and tonics). 

And it's so simple to make! Here's my recipe (though it's nothing special- I'm sure some googling could lead you to an actual recipe by someone who can actually cut a tomato without spraying half the kitchen with tomato juice):

1. Cut up some tomatoes (you can dice them, or you can get crazy and slice them the long way and sprinkle all of the following ingredients on top). Put them in a bowl. 

2. Throw some salt n' peppa in there.

3. Chop up some parsley and/or sprinkle on oregano.

4. And 2-3 of cloves of garlic. Because you should never make anything without garlic.  

5. Grate up a little parmesan (I think you're supposed to use mozzarella or something, but that cannot be found here, so I substituted for what I believe might be parmesan) and sprinkle it into the bowl. 

6. Finally mix all your ingredients with a couple spoonfuls of olive oil (not too much) and then throw it all into the oven for 10-15 minutes. 

*Make sure you toast the bread for a couple minutes at some point. Add some balsamic if you like after they've been assembled. 

I usually serve these alongside a plate of sauteed broccoli (which I weirdly love) so as not to feel bad about the chocolate and nacho chips I have inevitably been eating in bed all day. 


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