16 July 2013

Watch: Russia Sh*t

So, whenever anyone asks me what Russia is like, I struggle to find an accurate way to describe the place I live.

Yeah, it's um... well, it can be really... but then, ya know... it's just. I don't know. It's just like...I don't man, it's just the Motherland. I don't know. 

But after another day of blistering hot heat (and random freezing ran falling out of bright blue skies), followed by a near miss with a syringe, I was reminded of one of my all time favorite movies and just thought, "Yes! That is what Russia is like!"

So I now present you with one of my underground favorites (and I attribute it's lack of success with the title, but it's great, great, great): Wristcutters: A Love Story

"Who the hell likes to be stuck in a place where you can't even smile?"

It's about this purgatory-like afterworld for people who have committed suicide, where "everything is the same, just a little bit worse." But, as the characters in the movie discover, you make your own happiness, and there's good to be found everywhere, which is how I feel about Russia in the simplest terms. Also! There's a great performance by the ever-amazing Tom Waits and you should really just watch it for that. 

Moving on...

I have another video from the geniuses over at Vice about a Russian oligarch. While the wealth portrayed is vastly different from the extravagant wealth we see in America, it's interesting to witness the way it's handled in Russia. 

I also gotta say, this man seems like every other Russian man I have met- it doesn't seem like money changes much. 

Aaaaand I want to drink vodka with him and shoot at some wild boars out of a window. I do. 

And finally, here's a song Ben and I listened to (and sang at the top of our lungs) ten million times last summer while we were getting ready to go out. 
"I got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baaaaaaby..."

Hope ya enjoy these. Haaaaappy Tuesday

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