31 July 2013

Munich, pt. 2

On our second day, we took a two hour train to the German alps to see Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen. 

It's difficult to describe how unbearably magical the castle is, nestled up there in the mountains. But it's truly surreal, like something you'd seen in a book when you were small. The quiet coolness of the mountain castle is only emphasized by the dozens of hangliders drifting through the sky. The whole place is a world apart. 

I've been living in Moscow too long; I wore heels to climb up the German alps. Whooops.

As usual, pictures don't even do this amazing countryside justice. It's just one of those things you have to see for yourself. 


lovers's bridge.

Getting home was the real adventure. Assuming trains came all the time to Fussen to take us back to Munich, we missed our 6:00 only to find that was the last one. So there we were, stranded in rural Germany, talking to a bunch of guys who were from the same area of Chicago I was from. We called our host, Marcus, and he was able to give us directions and connections to lead us back into Munich. It took quite a bit more time, but twelve hours after we had left the city, we were back in it, sunburnt and hungry. But it was an amazing day-I mean, how often do you go into the alps to find a beautiful castle?

And I've got one more day for you! Check back tomorrow for our last days in Munich!


  1. Ah so beautiful! Mountains have something extra don't they, something magical. Just beautiful!

  2. that second to last photo with the view down the waterfall into the inlet is so gorgeous! i wish i could swim there for an afternoon.

  3. Gorgeous. You and Ben look so blissed out!

  4. Impractical they may be, those little heels are pretty cute. And I love that shot of the waterfall from above!

  5. Beautiful! I am so glad you loved Bavaria, I think the summer is the most perfect time to come. I hope it was a little cooler in the Alps than the city centre too :-)



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