29 July 2013

Munich, pt. 1

Oh, Munich. Let me count the ways I love thee. 

I don't even know where to start. Munich was amazing. Absolutely, amazing. Probably one of the coolest places I've ever been. The city is bright and clean and vibrant. The city is comprised of those perfect European buildings and their unique architecture that is so fun to stumble around, gazing up at. The people are all healthy and happy--everyone was riding bikes and talking and drinking and hanging out with their partners, their kids. The food was delicious and everything was so inexpensive. It was magical. Ben and I spent the entire four days, talking, holding hands, drinking, eating, riding bikes, and exploring. We were so happy and relaxed, we just kept looking at each other and bursting out into smiles. 

I didn't even realize how badly we needed a vacation. Moscow is always going to be my first love, but it's a very expensive, dirty, and a lot of times kind of a scary city. Right before we got on the plane I was pushing gypsies off of me and when we arrived in Munich, people were pulling over their bikes to ask if we needed help to get where we were going. It was great just to have some time together: no MCAT, no work. Just the two of us, and our chatty minds, sitting at street cafes with nowhere to go but wherever we wanted to. 

Such a rare and amazing feeling, isn't it? Well, here are some of the pictures from our first day (more like our second-Ben took the MCAT in the morning which he felt went pretty well)...

We found this beautiful apartment through airbnb. Our host, Marcus was absolutely wonderful and we had some great conversations about our countries, politics, and culture.

The New Town Hall

Bavarian cheese plate

We heard some music and followed it through the streets until we found this beer garden tucked away behind some old churches. We sat down at the end of a long, sticky table and filled our stomachs with German sausages and liters of beer.

We were actually so impressed and so happy, we've started talking about trying to move to Germany possibly after our contract ends here in Russia. Ever since Ben and I got together, we've talked about living abroad, and everywhere we've gone together, we've looked at it through a "could-we-stay-here-forever" lens. Ben is quite obsessed and spent every free moment we had teaching himself German (on our first night, I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Ben proudly announced he'd just learned to count to 100 in German). It's just talk right now, but we were definitely smitten with Munich and I really can't wait until we go back. I highly recommend it. 

Check back for Munich, pt. 2 tomorrow...


  1. Looks stunning, my husband talks about Germany alot, he went on two trips there and also said he could definatly live there. Looks like such a chilled area, we travel like this too- eat, walk, look, eat;)look forward to seeing the rest. Oh and love your onesie:)

    1. Oh, you must go live there! If you have an opportunity to travel there with him, you have to go with! It's so romantic.

  2. German seems like the country to visit at the minute - I went to Berlin a few years ago and loved it! It left me with a want to see much more of the country and also with the this-is-somewhere-i-could-maybe-like-to-live feelings. Looking forward to part 2! :)

  3. That food looks delicious & you look fab.

  4. this all look so wonderful! i adore your outfit too and this seems like a place i would love to visit some day.

  5. it looks like a nice city to live in.


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