12 July 2013


1. I walked past our kitchen the other day and it just looked so simple and lovely. I adore our little two-person table and the roses (a gift from a group of students) looked so subtle and romantic. 
2. The baker boy made a strawberry cake the other morning with fresh strawberries from the market. 
3. Eating.
4. Zucchini bread and egg breakfast. 
5. My feet have mysterious bug bites on them. 
6. Ben and I bought this small watercolor on Arbat Street last week. We liked the little people walking down the street; it's kind of like a watercolor we bought in Old Montreal last summer. 

1. This flat really feels like a home, especially since we've decided to sign another contract and stay another year. Once the MCAT is over, Ben and I are going to IKEA and we have a list of things we'd like to get. Nothing too expensive, as this place isn't permanent, but things to make us feel a bit more comfortable. It's nice to know this apartment in the way we do now: everything feels familiar and welcoming. 
2. Germany is less than two weeks away! I'm so excited, but I have to keep it in a bit because Ben's mind is focused on the MCAT. Ben and I have saved about 30,000 rubles (almost $1,000 usd) which we're very excited to spend. It'll be a good time. 
3. I'm teaching at Central School full-time now. It's been a nice change of scenery and I love getting to know my co-workers better. We go out for drinks after work every Thursday and it's been a lot of fun.
4. I think I mentioned awhile ago that Ben and I had decided against moving abroad (for the time being), but were still hoping for some dream jobs here in Moscow. 

Well, those jobs did end up coming through, but they weren't as dreamlike as we had thought they'd be. They did pay double what we make now, but we would be working double the time we do now and wouldn't be teaching, but assisting. They also came off as very unprofessional and we didn't get a good vibe from the administrations that ended up hiring us (they had us originally interview at a beautiful campus, but sort of sold us off to totally random schools in different parts of Moscow). 

There were a lot of other factors that played into our decision to ultimately turn them down, but it came to the fact that we really love our jobs and our small school at Orexovo (Ah-ree-ha-vah) and our administrator there. Our lives are simple and good with low-stress jobs and loads of free time. We felt like we had our whole lives to wake up at 6 a.m. and work until 5, but we weren't ready for that yet. I'm happy with our choice... it definitely weighed heavy on us for quite awhile. Currently, we have enough money for everything we need: to go out to lunch or dinner a couple times a week, to go out with friends on the weekend, to buy the occasional extra, and to save for future trips. What more does one need than that?


  1. Hey Lisa
    That strawberry cake looks amazing, would love the recipe if your guy would let you post it:)
    And totally agree,about working vs living and the combination of the two atleast its what I strive for to balance out living and enjoying my life rather than living each day just to make it to 5pm:)

    1. Hi Carey! It WAS amazing and Ben would be happy to post the recipe- good idea. I'll do it within a couple days, k?

  2. i love tranquil morning with breakfast and coffee.
    nothing feels better than home, isn't it?


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