03 June 2013

Sunday in Gorky Park

Oh, Moscow. How your obscene foliage has surprised me. 

The last time we went to Gorky Park, it was not at all what we expected. It was one of the first days we could walk around without our winter coats and the park was a mess. Mud, cigarette butts, glitter...
So disappointing. But now that our city has blown up with green, we decided to try again. We met up with our friend and enjoyed $10 beers and bipolar thunder clouds. 

There was some sort of baby parade going on. Bundles of pink and blue balloons were tied to strollers led by these women in pink polka dots. Why? Who knows.

I really like the fact that Russia celebrates it's writers just as much (if not more) as it celebrates it's previous leaders. 

Dogs with angel wings? Because why not.

Paddle boating, where none of the women paddled.

Aaaaand then we found Russian Chipotle. It was glorious.

So my friend Amy left Moscow and she wrote some really great thoughts about Moscow on her blog. I really agreed with her recognition that living in Moscow is having a love/hate relationship with Moscow. After I read it, I turned to Ben and told him that living in Moscow has been the truest love/hate relationship I have ever known. It's a confusing place to live, one with many contrasts, challenging contrasts that make it difficult to form opinions. I think Amy illustrates it wonderfully, so check out her piece when you get a chance. 

In other news, Ben and I have been talking about where we'd like to go for our December holiday and though nothing is set in stone, there's a lot of amazing options on the table. I'm really excited for all the possibilities and I hope we can pull it off. We might have to skip some meals out, but it'll all be worth it when we step off the plane. 

Till then, cheers! And enjoy this nice weather around the world. 


  1. So pretty there! I am so happy to know that Russia has a place like Chipotle - always delicious!

  2. That is statue of Gorkiy BTW! (not Chekov).


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