30 June 2013

Long Island Iced Tea

I'm sorry I haven't written in a week or so--I actually have been working on a piece for this blog, but work has made it difficult for me to spend any meaningful time on it. Expect it in a day or so... it'll be a good one. 

Alright, so it's probably no secret that Ben and I like a good drink, and the other day we came into some unexpected cash, so we celebrated by buying an exorbitant amount of booze (and a swiffer because we needed that too) So now I present you with the baker boy, who today will be the bartender and he's going to tell you how to make his awesome  Long Island iced teas. Which if done right, will have you skyping your mom at three in the morning and funding various Kickstarter projects.

Long Island Iced Tea is probably the best possible drink for a hot summer's day, and the best part about the drink is that it's really pretty hard to mess it up.  Counterintuitively, the more booze you add the better it tastes, so don't be afraid to pour with a heavy hand!

To make it you will need:
-White Rum
-Triple sec (we used Cointreau because for whatever reason it's cheaper here :D)
-sour mix*

*you can buy sour mix at the store, but it's super easy to make yourself, and it tastes a lot better I think.  Just make some simple syrup by heating a cup each of water and sugar on the stove until the sugar dissolves, then add a cup each of fresh lemon juice and lime juice and refrigerate until you need it.

I'm not going to limit the size of your drink by telling you how much of each you need in ounces, because lord knows sometimes you just gotta make a pitcher.  Just use the following ratio and you'll have yourself an alcohol-infused version of what your mom used to give you back in the day.

-lots of ice
-1 part each of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec
-2 parts sour mix
-only enough coke to make it the color of iced tea (it's really not for the flavor)

Stir, garnish with a lemon, and voila! I think I'll go have one myself now because it sounds so damn good.


  1. I never drink anymore... this makes me think I should, I miss a nice drink every now and then!

  2. It's so hot in Ukraine now, this is just the drink to take my mind off it :p Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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