04 May 2013

Watch: The World is Not Without Good People/Мир не без добрых людей

Ever since the meteorite crash in Russia, the internet has been abuzz with the phenomena that is Russian's dashboard cameras. Because Russia is essentially a lawless country and because the police don't really care about your car accidents, people take it into their own hands and record their lives on the road in case anything were to happen. 

Therefore, some pretty special things have been captured on tape. 

Note: It's easy to see that the majority of these clips are of people helping the elderly and that's something you see a lot of here in this country. There is a great respect for elders and I really like that about Russia. You just don't see the same kind of treatment in America and that's a shame. I feel very changed by living here in that respect. 


  1. Lisa - this is a really great video that I needed to see today. Thank you! :D

  2. Im kind of surprised of your opinion. And pleased at the same time. Maybe something changed recently in my motherland?
    Because I (as Russian) think that we have lack of respect to old people! Especially now im living in Asia and here is total respect of them.
    In 90th when i was teenager i was need accompany my grandpa to special center where they sell prosthesis (my grandpa doesn't have leg).
    It was winter. A bus was fully crowded and at the beginning nobody yield sit to grandpa (BTW he was obvious disabled person: without leg and with toggles). One young girl even started to complain like "Why for i have to yield my sit to you maybe im pregnant!"
    Then we were crossing a big road (maybe like 4 lines) to this center and no traffic light or anything like that around. To cross this road was really scary for us! Should i say that nobody went out from car and helped old disabled man and small girl?
    Also it was common just to pass some lying on a ground person. Because probably he just drunk and of course its not a heart-attach.
    But seems so situation slowly changing...

    1. I think when you live in a place as cold and unwelcoming as Moscow, you start to look and appreciate the little things. I've seen plenty of bad behavior here, but I've also been very pleased by others. I still stand by my opinion that Russians are very respectful of their elders, but that's just me.


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