28 May 2013

Warm weather, long days

Holy cow, where have the days gone? Just when I felt like I had gotten into a groove with work, summer is coming, my schedule is changing, and everything is different. But it's been good. Hot as hell, but good.

We had to get a fan. Had to get a fan. Ben wouldn't splurge for the 1,000 ruble one, so we settled on the 500 ruble one and it's been... well, a cheap fan. When will we ever learn?

Fresh veggie lunches (and cmetana!)

This ridiculously alcoholic beer I love. I drank one of Ben's a couple months ago and felt quite tipsy by the time he got home. When he told me the alcohol level, it explained quite a bit. Now I'm obsessed. I drink one and I'm goooooood.

Our little makeshift television. Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Arrested Development.

I do have more to write about from this past week, but all my energy has been drained, so this is all I've got for right now. I want to give my next post a little more thought, so I'm skimping a bit on today's. Ben spent the morning making my classes chocolate chip cookies and bagels for their last day which was so sweet of him, but I have every dish we own, dirty, and on the counter happily waiting for me. 

Sweet joy. 


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