17 May 2013


How to be alone... a lovely and touching poem by Tanya Davis

Been talking to Ben a lot about this article on Millennial's... I even bought a TIME subscription so I could read it!

Listening to this playlist this week.

Wanting to see To the Wonder very badly. The trailer always makes me tear up. I know it came out a minute ago, but it's hard to see films when you live in Russsssia.

I stumbled on my first post on this blog and it filled me with nostalgia. Ben and I had just graduated college and we just packed up my tiny red car and drove nonstop to the East Coast. I remember how excited and free we felt and I'm so glad I took pictures of it all to remember. We stayed up the entire way, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and talking so fiercely, we didn't even notice when we crossed state lines. It really felt like the first time in my life when I was free of school and commitments and I could really explore the world as an adult.

These words.

Love this funky wedding website, especially the love stories.

Ben and I found a little wooded path on our way home.

We stopped at the local flea market and met the kindest honey makers. They had us try all different kinds of honey (including a white honey that tasted like wildflowers and was supposedly made from Queen Bees) and we finally went with this homeopathic green honey that tastes terrific. They practiced out some of their English phrases on me and I practiced some of my Russian on them.

As we were about to leave, they asked Ben how he had learned to speak English so well. 
I just love how warm Russians can be.


  1. I'm happy to read that when you first graduated you had plenty of time to explore and felt a lack of commitments. I just graduated and I hope to have plenty of time to relish in not having any commitments besides work (which is slow over the summer any way). And I'm happy to be able to blog about it so that I can look back fondly like you're doing now!

    1. Congratulations! The world is your oyster! Do something big and brave and creative this summer! Or do nothing at all (because you're done with school forevaaaa and the choice is yours)! All the best xxoo


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