03 May 2013


Oh, IKEA. Even crazy Russia couldn't mess with your greatness. 
Ben and I had to pick up a few things the other day so we took a train then a bus to an IKEA on the outskirts of Moscow for a little day shopping. It was so much fun! I love that store. We wandered around all day, drinking beer (because we could), and designing future homes. That store has been such a creative outlet for me over the years, so I was happy and excited to show it to Ben. I thought he would have thought it was kinda lame, but he had fun. And we got some good stuff for such a little amount of money!

We did however fall in love with the most beautiful duvet and wandered around the store all day talking about how great it would look in our room, only to discover it was way out of our price range. I felt sad leaving it, but when you're on a budget, you're on a budget.

We did, however, find this little Benjamin ficus that we decided to adopt. Ben's dad has had a ficus for all of Ben's life and he had been wanting one for awhile. Ben did feel a little anxious about getting it because at some point we will have to leave it. We decided that when it came time for us to move on, we would give it to our school and Margarita and our students could take care of it. Ben was really happy about it.

IKEA soft serve. We had two helpings and both were  a w e s o m e.

This little guy did a lot of traveling.

But made it safely home. I love it! It adds such a happy vibe to our kitchen and I'm so glad we got it.

I think it's so important to decorate your home with good art and plants, things you think are visually beautiful. I believe that it creates a happy and positive space and I try never to feel bad about spending money on things that contribute so wonderfully to our home. 

On that same note, I recently donated to Zach Braff's new film project. His first film, Garden State was an incredibly important film for me, not only as a writer or creator, but just as a person. I've watched many times over the years and I've taken so much from it. The soundtrack is incredible too. It's just been a staple in my growing life in ways I cannot even explain. I turn to it when I'm uninspired and wandering. When I heard he was struggling to make the sequel, I just had to be apart of it.

When I talked to Ben about wanting to donate and how much, we decided that no matter how tight our budgets are, we never wanted to deny ourselves art. Ever since our first trip to Montreal, we have invested in art pieces and it's something I really like about us. My parents have always supported and purchased art and I really admired that about them.

Ben and I had to leave our growing art collection at home (we have accumulated pieces from Chicago, Montreal, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Sweden) and I miss it terribly. I think we were developing a really cool style and I look forward to returning to it and adding. Ben and I have our eyes peeled for the perfect piece to bring home with us from our time in Russia, but nothing has really caught our eyes yet. But I'm sure we'll find something great.


  1. Hi Lisa!!

    I have been following you a while now and thought I should finally say "hello!" I am truly enjoying your blog and love to hear your point of view about cultural differences. I especially liked when you said that the dress code over there seems to be 6 inch heels and you continue to "dress like an old man" hahaha that cracked me up. Can't wait to read more!!


    1. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to have you! Yeah, Russian women dress soooo nicely. I actually almost included a part in this post about all the heels at IKEA. I try my best to keep up, but I feel like a little sister in her mom's heels. ; )

  2. "When I talked to Ben about wanting to donate and how much, we decided that no matter how tight our budgets are, we never wanted to deny ourselves art."

    This is very Robert and Patti of you guys. I think it is a great policy to have.


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