17 April 2013

Watch: Real Beauty

Have you seen Dove's Real Beauty Sketches? 
I've been at home with the flu (again) and surfing around the internet and I just stumbled on this. It brought so many tears to my eyes. 

Only 4% of the women in the world think they are beautiful which is a staggering statistic if you really think about it. I tried to imagine the things I would have told the artist about myself, but wasn't really sure which direction I would go. I guess I have good days and bad days (or, as my mom and I call them, "fat days"). I think it would have had to depend on my mood.

I've always been someone who was very concerned with how I looked and for years of my life, I obsessed over certain flaws about myself. It is silly when I take a moment to think of myself from the outside and how what I have is good and pretty and I shouldn't spend so much time in the mirror wishing my pores were smaller or that my hair was thicker (etc). I know these are universal feelings, but sometimes they can just be overwhelming. 

When I was younger, my dad brought home a video called "Gapped-Toothed Women" and we watched it together on the couch. I sucked my thumb for way longer than I should have and as a result, had some gnarly looking teeth, including a large gap between my two front teeth. My dad was always a great encourager and motivator in terms of natural beauty, but it took a long time for me to see it for myself. I envied other girl's teeth and kept my lips pressed tightly when opportunities to smile arose. Years after my expensive dental work, I look back at my awkward times and realize that there was really not all that much to dislike about myself. I wasted so many years being embarrassed of crooked teeth and that's unfortunate, but not something I can't correct in my future. 

I've been reading a lot about this Dove Real Beauty campaign and a lot of people think it's just baloney to get people to buy Dove shampoo, and maybe it is. I'm probably not going to, but I'm glad I saw the video. 

*There is a longer version of this video here as well as interviews with women about beauty on their channel, if you're interested. 


  1. This video was so touching. I'm gonna go and watch the full version now too. Absolutely beautiful and made a tear come to my eye. I needed this today. Thank you :)

    -- Mary

    1. Oh, I'm so glad it reached out to you. You're so welcome. <3


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