19 April 2013

Tea, Colds, Bread

Kind of an up-tight week. Last Sunday, I started feeling a little ill, and by Monday morning I was as sick as I was a month ago with the flu/cold? Not sure. It was particularly bad timing because I was starting an extra three hour class (beginning at the dreaded 9 a.m.) teaching business English to a group of auditors for the Russian Railways company. It was awful. I really wanted to do well, which I think I still did, but I definitely had to press myself harder than usual to get through the lessons. And then by the time I made it to my normal lessons, I was totally beat and exhausted. By Wednesday I was really hurting, so my Russian mother/my boss insisted I take the rest of the week off. 

I feel really guilty taking time off because it's a lot of money for us to lose. Unfortunately, previous employees of our company have abused the sick days so we only get paid sick days on the fourth day you take off. How much does that suck? So unpaid are my days and I just sit at home, watching TV in bed, and drinking tea. Needless to say that by the time Ben gets home, I practically rip him apart with my desperate need for conversation. 

Last night was nice though. Ben made dinner and we watched one of my favorite movies, Wristcutters: A Love Story. Not the best title, but such a great film. We talked a lot about the Boston Marathon bombing and we both have been hurting a lot for America in these past few days. It's hard looking at your country hurting from the outside; to catch headlines of newspapers written in cyrillic and know that they're talking about where you're from. 
Террор в Бостоне
I've been crying about it a lot. The acts of human kindness that have bubbled over this tragedy are really inspiring and comforting. Times like this remind you of all the goodness in people and how much strength we are really capable of. 
The weather has changed though, and it is good and sweet and warm. I forgot how much I needed the sun and I'm so grateful to look out my window and see clear blue skies. This winter was darker than any tourist guide could have prepared me for. The Russian people are tough, my friends. I don't think I could live my whole life with the kind of winter I experienced this year. I'm sad I'm sick for this weekend because it looks so good outside. Oh well. There are always movies to be watched and goods to be baked. 

I've been falling asleep listening to this lately. I keep it on the Chicago station mostly, but the Montreal one is interesting as well. I don't know why it's comforting, but it is. Makes me feel like I'm a part of something in a spying sort of way. The beginning of my sophomore year in college, I met a guy named Kyle who was from the deep cornfields of Illinois. He and his roommate Kyle had turned their shared dorm room into a sky-high recording studio, filled with amps and persian carpets. He made this terrific ambient music and always gave the best titles to his dreamy, cloud-like songs. I used to sit in their room late at night smoking cigarettes and playing with the loop pedals while they strummed guitars and whistled lightly into recording devices. It was a good time in my life and this radio station reminds me of that peacefulness. 


  1. You write so beautifully. Get well soon.

  2. I love the movie Wristcutters! It's a great film and one that is great company while I'm sick at home :)


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