07 April 2013

Siberian Art on Sundays

I like the sweet calm of Sundays. I like that the only sound I can hear through the rooms of our tiny apartment is the washing machine, Ben's fingers turning the pages of his book. I like wandering around our bedroom, cleaning, reorganizing our closet. Unpacking our spring clothes and hanging dresses on thin, wire hangers. I like that our Sundays are always spent baking and planning elaborate dinners.

This weekend snuck away from us. All of Friday's plans fell through, so Ben and I sat in our kitchen taking shots of vodka and playing a drinking game we invented to the horribly trashy television show we have been watching together at night. On Saturday we met our coworker and his girlfriend for drinks and a little bit of free art.

The exhibit we attended was held in this fabulous little art commune, tucked back in a pocket of the city. The trail to the commune was led by colorful walls which seemed to electrify the sky out of it's months of grayness. The show focused on Moscow's views of Siberia and it was all quite interesting. I wasn't aware of it before, but I suppose Muscovites see Siberia (specifically the city Ben and I almost moved to-Novosibirsk) as a backwards, stuck-in-the-past, yeti-infested barren waste land. So Siberian artists got together and created this fabulous exhibit challenging this mentality.

I found it quite humorous as an American because I would have said most of this art perfectly captured what I thought of Russia before I moved here.

Here are some photos I took on my iPhone. I forgot my Canon at home.

All of these axes had funny, sarcastic quips in Russian pertaining to the 
Olympics being held in Siberia in 2014. Many of them are old Soviet expressions.

The little gathering of art galleries.

In a very strange restaurant called The Gladiator. 
They had very elegant bathrooms. 

Oh yeah. So this is a Metro station we've passed through a couple of times and I just had to take a picture of it. Do you see the strange walls? The whole station is covered in them. It's so odd and art-deco like. And there's just so many of them. Maybe it's something you have to see in person to appreciate, but this is all I could do for right now. 


  1. Michael Jackson in a field of sheep (goats?) weirded me out for a moment but apart from that I actually love it all!! - the the vodka, noose and doll Olympic welcome pictures are great - I would definitely buy a little postcard with them on! And I didn't realise the Winter Olympics were in Russia next year -- so thanks for the informative post! ha!

  2. Molly B. - Los AngelesApril 9, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    I'm curious, what does the writing say under the green/blue, pseudo-American-snowflake-flag?

    1. The United States of Siberia... something along those lines


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