16 April 2013

Patti Smith & Boston

First and foremost, my heart breaks for Boston and for America. Ben and I were getting ready for bed when the news first hit and it was a terrible thing to wonder about in bed. Ben has family from Boston and his mom had run the marathon in previous years. He spent a long time reading the news today. All of our friends in the area are okay, but just heartbroken over it all. I am just so saddened for everyone who lost someone, and for everyone who was made frightened. This just shouldn't be happening anywhere.

I wrote the bottom part of this post two days ago, but it means more now. Patti's words mean more now.

Patti Smith is my hero, always. Her life has inspired mine. These are beautiful and comforting and real words about being young.

I showed Ben this video after he called me into the living room (which is more of his study room) and he told me about the results of his first MCAT practice exam. He got a 27 out of 45, which he was content with for a first attempt. We talked a little bit about it, and I gave him some encouragement and praise. Then, as I was about to leave to wash my face, he grabbed me around the waist and hugged my stomach tight.

"I'm doing something scary because I think it will be good for us one day."

I feel odd gushing about our love on this blog because that is not my way. My way is to save my memories for us, for myself, and just tell you that Ben is the best person I know and I am grateful everyday for his friendship and love.

After, we sat in bed reading until I remembered I'd seen this video earlier in the day. We watched it together and we both felt so encouraged and understood. It was good. It was just a good moment. 


  1. I know you're not own to share such intimate details, but thank you for this. It's nice to see a love like this. :)

    And I'm so glad that your friends & families are safe.

  2. I didn't want that video to end. I'd never heard Patti Smith speak or really her music at all, and now I will be exploring her work and sharing her words, so thank you. I am also a twenty-something, English major from the midwest (who is also in love), and I have been finding a lot of comfort in your blog after discovering it earlier this week. So thank you again, for that.

    1. Wow, I'm so glad I was able to introduce you to her! She's an inspiration- her book "Just Kids" was really powerful for me and since we have so much in common, maybe you'd feel the same?! Check it out if you ever have time, it's incredible prose.

      : )

  3. Thank you for this. I really needed to see this.


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